Jar Jar Binks
(Bowcaster Fires Booma!)

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Biography: Jar Jar Binks uses a bowcaster to fire boomas at battle droids. The Gungans fight the battle droid army on Naboo. Gungan soldiers use weapons that fire exploding energy balls called boomas, which short-circuit the droids. Jar Jar may not be the most skilled warrior, but he is not afraid to fight, and takes out a number of droids during the battle.

Sculpt/Articulation: Jar Jar is an all-new figure and features 11 points of articulation including ball-jointed/insert-molded elbows, knees; swivel shoulders, hips and waist and a double ball-socket neck.

Accessories (2): Bowcaster and launching "booma" projectile

Game Pieces (4): Galactic Battle Game card, game instructions, figure stand* and six-sided die.

*There are different figure stands (randomly packed) available for the figures containing the Galactic Battle Game pieces. The difference in the stands is the location of the notches that reveal the "power boost" values when the supplied card is inserted into the stand's slot.