Darth Maul
(Slashing Lightsaber Action!)

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Biography: Darth Maul duels Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Theed Royal Palace on Naboo. The Sith Lord handles the lightsaber with supreme skill, making it difficult for the two Jedi to gain the upper hand in life-or-death confrontation. Maul slashes at his opponents with his double-bladed lightsaber as the three duel from the hangar bay to the generator complex.

Sculpt/Articulation: Darth Maul is an all-new figure and features 7 points of articulation including swivel shoulders, hips and forearms/gauntlets and a ball-socket neck.

Accessories (1): Double-bladed lightsaber

Game Pieces (4): Galactic Battle Game card, game instructions, figure stand* and six-sided die.

*There are different figure stands (randomly packed) available for the figures containing the Galactic Battle Game pieces. The difference in the stands is the location of the notches that reveal the "power boost" values when the supplied card is inserted into the stand's slot.

Other Notes: This figure incorporates an action feature where you simply squeeze and release the legs together and that raises and lowers the figure's arms.