E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster
Sixth Scale Figure Environment

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• Biography:
With the introduction of the E-Web heavy repeating blaster, formally titled the Emplacement Weapon, Heavy Blaster, troopers were able to fire at an optimum range of two-hundred meters and a maximum range of five-hundred meters. Although it was the most powerful repeating blaster in the Imperial arsenal, it was restricted by certain limitations. E-Web blasters required a relatively lengthy set-up time, including assembly, calibrating the generator, and configuring of the targeting software. They also operated most efficiently with a two-man team, the first to man the gun itself, the second responsible for monitoring and adjusting the power generator, which, like all generators of its time was prone to overheating. Regardless, the E-Web, equipped with a built in comlink and computerized fire control, served as an highly effective and powerful tool for the Imperial army, making significant appearances in an attempt to murder Obi-Wan Kenobi, at the Battle of Praesitlyn, and perhaps most successfully during the Galactic Civil War at the Battle of Hoth. (text courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles)

• Package Contents:
- E-Web Cannon
- Articulated tripod
- Conduit Hose
- Power Generator*

• Release Date: January 2013

• Edition Size: 2000

*If one is so inclined, you can gently pry the lid off the top to expose the inside of the power generator. I'm positive that this isn't an intended feature - but it is a fun discovery.