Ben Kenobi
Desert Nomad

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• Biography:
After the prequel trilogy we know Obi-Wan to have led a hermit’s life on Tatooine. During this period our assumption is that his time wasn’t entirely spent living in a lonely hut, but instead as a desert nomad, exercising mental strength and physical fortitude. There is a scene in Lawrence of Arabia that inspired us, where Lawrence puts on his Arab garb for the first time and the wind whips it around. The adornments and survival gear on Kenobi’s backpack almost serve as a time capsule to speak the story of his travels; among his collection are Tusken Raider gaffi sticks that suggest maybe he has had an ongoing feud with the desert tribes, a mantle of armor that he wore during the Clone Wars, and of course, Anakin’s lightsaber. To celebrate both actor portrayals we’ve devised two portrait options, with likenesses of Ewan McGregor as well as a younger Sir Alec Guinness. (text courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles)

• Release Date: April 2013

• Price: $349.99

• Edition Size: 2000* (The first run of this statue, in error, only ran up to 1200 on the base. It was later revised to state the full production run of 2000.)

• Manufacturer: Sideshow Collectibles

• Other Notes: Original prototype and solicatation photography shown this piece to include Obi-Wan's lightsaber on his belt (as a removable accessory). The final production piece, sadly, eliminated this accessory.

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