Boba Fett
Bounty #239

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• Biography:
Bounty #239 is a paranoid scum. No surprise there. After making enemies in over a dozen systems — making deals, breaking them, selling tainted product, even letting some so-called friends take the rap for one of his own schemes on Corellia — that Bith slimo deserves everything that’s coming for him.

Too bad no one told him that what’s coming for him is me.

Taking this guy down won’t be the usual walk in the park. He’s taken that paranoia and used it to his benefit. Anyone who tells you that cheaters never prosper clearly never talked to this guy. The small army he’s hired would bankrupt a Hutt. Aside from twenty or so garden variety mercenaries, he’s somehow been able to acquire the “services” of those Trandoshan twin brothers (the ones who gave me so much grief during that job on Ryloth) and a trio of IG assassin droids.

It’ll take more than an EE-3 and a jetpack to get this done and get out in one piece. Those droids are shielded against ion weapons. Clone Wars-era droid poppers won’t cut it on this run.

Finesse isn’t in the cards. The way I see it, the only option here is to go big. Pack as much heat as I can carry, hit the compound with the proper combination of shock and awe, and leave that Bith poodoo as a big-eyed smear in the smoking ruin that he used to call a compound.. (text courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles)

• Release Date: September 2013

• Price: $324.99

• Edition Size: 2500

Manufacturer: Sideshow Collectibles

Material/Construction: Polystone

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