3-3/4-Inch Scale

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Biography: This Brave, loyal droid accompanies Anakin Skywalker on missions that take them from Naboo to Geonosis.

Sculpt/Articulation: R2-D2 is an repaint of the 2007 R2-D2 (TAC-04) from the 30th Anniversary Collection. It features 7 points of articulation including a rotating dome, swivel legs/shoulders, pivoting ankles/feet and retractable center leg.

• Accessories (2): Removable booster rockets

• Packaging:New for 2013, Hasbro retired the fan-favorite "Vintage Collection" design and went for a controversial, minimalist approach labeled simply as "The Black Series". The packaging employs a simple 3 color design; black/gray, orange and white to put the focus squarely on the enclosed figure. This works well for figures with high contrast to the packaging, but for dark figures such as Vader, it can come across as if you are staring into a void. Character artwork is limited to a single spot color vector illustration head shot for the front while the back features a low contrast, almost ghostly image from the film specific to each character. Everything is printed in a matte finish except for the Star Wars logos (front and back) which have a separate glossy/varnish applied over them. It is completely unnecessary but it does aid in conveying a more "upscale" look. The day-glow orange accent color is strictly reserved for the character name and stripe that run on the back and front of each card.

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