6-Inch Scale
Battlefront II Inferno Squad Agent

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Biography: In the wake of the Death Star's destruction, the Empire created the Inferno Squad to ensure that Imperial secrets would remain safe. Their fierce loyalty to the Empire and exceptional skills in both aerial and ground combat set this squad apart from the rank and file troopers.

Sculpt/Articulation: The Battlefront II Inferno Squad Agent is repaint of the #05 Black Series TIE Pilot from 2014 with a new, game specific deco and recycles the stormtrooper belt sculpt issued with the 2013 Black Series Han Solo #08 figure. It features 16 joints (28 total points of articulation): insert-molded/ball-hinged shoulders, neck, elbows, wrists, hips and torso. Double-hinged knees and rocker ankles, and swivel thighs.

Accessories (2): Removable belt/holster, E-11 blaster rifle

• Packaging: Packaged similarly to other 6" figures in the red/black Black Series line introduced with The Force Awakens, this exclusive features an "Only at GameStop" sticker.

• Official Announcement Date: April 15, 2017

• Release Date: October 2017

• Retail Price: $22.99

• Other Notes: Exclusive to EB Games in Canada.

- This figure is one of the generic/unnamed Inferno Squad Agents from the Battlefront II and is not intended to be the lead protagonist, Iden Versio.