Clone Commander Thire
(Firing Missile Launcher!)

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Clone Commander Thire protects Yoda from attacking battle droids during a mission to the Toydarian system. Bred and trained for combat, Thire engages the enemy as a seasoned warrior. His mission is to get the Jedi Master to the rendezvous point, and he doesn't allow anything, even a droid army, to stop him.

• Thire is a repaint of the standard super-articulated clone trooper body and features 14 points of articulation including: ball hinged shoulders, elbows, wrists, torso, knees and ankles, plus swivel hips and a ball/socket neck joint.

• Thire has a removable helmet with positionable rangefinder/visor which was first available with Clone Trooper Echo. He also includes a new belt with 2 working holsters and the removable pauldron is a repaint of the Captain Rex pauldron.

• A second version of Thire was also released in the "Ambush" Walmart Exclusive 2 pack and it featured a slightly modified deco in terms of placement and detailing.

• Accessories: Commander pauldron, removable helmet adjustable visor, 2 DC-17 Hand Blasters, missile launcher and missile.