AAT Driver Battle Droid
(Firing Blaster Rifle!)

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Battle droids attack Yoda and his clone troopers during a secret mission to Toydaria. The Jedi Master must defeat the attacking droids to prove that the Republic can protect the Toydarian system better than the Separatists. Squads of battle droids hunt their quarry through coral forests supported by powerful AAT tanks.

• This uniquely decoed battle droid is a simple repaint of the standard B1 Battle Droid released in the Clone Wars line 2008. It features 8 points of articulation including: ball/socket shoulders, neck and hips, plus swivel torso and elbows.

• The AAT Driver Battle Droid is based on its appearance in the episode "Ambush" from Clone Wars season one.

• As of this figure's release there have been 5 unique Clone Wars battle droids that have been issued:
- 2008 TCW No. 7 Battle Droid
- 2008 TCW Battle of Christophsis Target Exclusive Ultimate Battle Pack (Not shown)
- 2008 TCW STAP Battle Droid from the Battle at B'Omarr Monastery Battle Pack
- 2008 TCW No. 25 Rocket Battle Droid / 2009 TCW CW03 Rocket Battle Droid
- 2009 TCW Armored Scout Tank with (Pilot) Battle Droid (Not Shown)

• Accessories: E-5 blaster rifle, firing blaster rifle and missile.