Savage Opress
(Battle Axe Fires Missile!)

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Biography: Savage Opress is a dangerous assassin whose strength and abilities are enhanced by the Nightsisters, mysterious witches on the planet Dathomir. Opress uses menacing battle axes to deliver death and destruction at the command of Count Dooku and the Sith Lord's former agent Asajj Ventress.

Sculpt/Articulation: Savage Opress is an all-new figure featuring 12 points of articulation: ball-jointed shoulders, elbows and knees; swivel hips, waist, wrists and a ball-socket head/neck.

Accessories: Standard Battle Axe, Battle Axe (rocket firing), missile/projectile

Game Pieces: Galactic Battle Game card, figure stand* and six-sided die.
*There are different figure stands (randomly packed) available for the figures containing the Galactic Battle Game pieces. The difference in the stands is the location of the notches that reveal the power boost values when the supplied card is inserted into the stand's slot.

Other Notes: Savage Opress is based upon his appearance in the Clone Wars Season 3 episode "Monster".