Darth Maul Returns
Includes Darth Maul, Nightsister and Savage Opress

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- Darth Maul returns from the dead and is ready for battle on new cybernetic legs. With the help of his brother Savage Opress and a powerful Nightsister, Maul prepares to avenge himself against the Jedi who almost killed him.

• Sculpt/Articulation: Darth Maul is an all-new figure and features 11 points of articulation including ball jointed/insert-molded shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and ankles and a ball-socket neck.

• Accessories (3): lightsaber x2 and spinning lightsaber force effect

• Sculpt/Articulation: The Nightsister* is an all-new figure and features 14 points of articulation including ball jointed/insert-molded shoulders, elbows, knees and ankles; swivel waist, hips and wrists and a ball-socket neck.

• Accessories (2): Lightsaber and removable feathered cowl

*The nightsister while implied to be Mother Talzin is based on a different nightsister, Mighella, that was to be released in canceled 2-pack (with Darth Maul) and thus is not representative of Talzin's appearance in the Clone Wars series.

• Sculpt/Articulation: Savage Opress is a repack of the armored Savage Opress (CW59) from 2011. He features 12 points of articulation including: ball jointed/insert-molded shoulders, elbows and knees; swivel waist, hips and wrists and a ball-socket neck

• Accessories (4): Removable shoulder armor x2, Battle Axe with removable missile

• Packaging: This set was released in the new 2012 "Darth Maul" packaging style and is packed on a blister card versus the traditional boxed packaging design.

• Game Pieces: Galactic Battle Game card (3), black figure stands(3)* and six-sided die.
*There are different figure stands (randomly packed) available for the figures containing the Galactic Battle Game pieces. The difference in the stands is the location of the notches that reveal the power boost values when the supplied card is inserted into the stand's slot.


PROS: This set is a bit of an anomaly but a welcome change from Hasbro as this set not only includes 2 all-new figures but a repack of a hard-to-find figure as well in the armored Savage Opress. Couple that with the fact that this set is (currently) only $19.99 make for a lot of happy collectors. The designs of the new “cyborg” Darth Maul and Nightsister are excellent in both articulation and deco – areas that have been points of consternation with fans of Clone Wars line.

CONS: There are very few issues will this set but there are 2 that are pretty obvious and consistently noted among collectors of this line. The first is the fact that we aren’t given a proper Mother Talzin, which is surprising considering her importance to this story arc. Hasbro explained this as not having enough lead time to develop a proper figure given the fluidity of the design changes for the show. The second is that collectors have wanted another chance at the armored Savage and thankfully we got it, but sadly without his signature lightsaber from his earlier basic card release.