6-Inch Scale
Battlefront Imperial Shock Trooper

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Biography: Adept with heavy weaponry, Shock Troopers serve as elite frontline forces and even as bodyguards for the Emporer himself.

Sculpt/Articulation: The Star Wars Battlefront Imperial Shock Trooper is a repaint of the 2014 Stormtrooper (#09) figure, and it recreates the basic look of the Shock Troopers from the gameplay. It features 18 joints (31 total points of articulation): insert-molded/ball-hinged shoulders, wrist, hips and torso. Ball-socket (upper) and insert-molded/hinged (lower) neck, double-hinged elbows and knees, and rocker ankles, plus swivel biceps and thighs.

• Accessories (2): E-11 blaster rifle, sniper blaster rifle

• Packaging: Packaged similarly to other 6" figures in the Black Series line, this exclusive introduces a second color (red) to the character illustration* (front of the box only). The front of the box also incorporates the Star Wars Battlefront game logo. Again, as with other exclusives, there is no sequential numbering on the packaging.

*Artwork by Gregory Titus.

• Announcement Date (Official, via Walmart.com): November 10, 2015

• In-Store Date: November 16, 2015

• Retail Price: $18.92 (US)

• Other Notes: Exclusive Walmart in the US

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