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• Like their HK-47 predecessors, the HK-50 series of droids were developed as assassins during the Old Republic era and featured advanced communication skills and sadistic practices when dealing with opponents. Except for color, the HK-50 droids were virutally identical to their HK-47 counterparts with the newer models featuring a grayish green color.

• HK-50 features 14 points of articulation including, ball-jointed torso, elbows, knees and ankles, plus swivel shoulders, hips, wrists and neck.

• HK-50 is a repaint of HK-47, the B.A.D. from the Legacy Collection's Attack of the Clones themed wave (wave 7) and is based on its appearance in the popular Knights of the Old Republic II video game.

• Accessories: Blaster rifle

The Build-A-Droid HK-50 is assembled through the acquisition of the following Legacy Collection Droid Factory figures:
- LC BD48 Episode V Concept Art Snowtroooper (right leg)
- LC BD49 AT-AT Driver (torso)
- LC BD50 Cloud City Wing Guard "Sgt. Edian" (left arm)
- LC BD51 Luke Skywalker (head and blaster rifle)
- LC BD52 R2-X2 (right leg)
- LC BD53 Willrow Hood (right arm)
- LC BD54 Zuckuss (left leg)
- LC BD55 Snowtrooper (left leg)

• Carry forward/repacked figures in this case that also include HK-50 B.A.D. parts:
- LC BD35 Clone Commander Deviss (head and blaster rifle)
- LC BD43 Agen Kolar (right arm)
- LC BD45 Plo Koon (left arm)
- LC BD47 Commander Bacara (torso)