(Echo Base Astromech)

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• R3-A2 was an astromech droid which served the Rebel Alliance during the battle of Hoth. He can be seen in several hangar interiot shots during The Empire Strikes Back.

• R3-series astromech were noted for their clear domes which increased the range of their internal sensor equipment.

• This release marks the second time R3-A2 has been offered as an action figure, the first being available in the Toys"R"Us exclusive Battle of Hoth multi-pack.

• As part of the Legacy Collection's Droid Factory "Build-A-Droid" series, parts for R3-A2 can be acquired from the following 2009 Legacy Collection figures:

R3-A2 Dome & Center Leg
- BD16 Luke Skywalker (Death Star Duel)
- BD29 R2-D2 (Jawa Ambush)

R3-A2 Body
- BD30 Han Solo (Death Star Escape)
- BD36 Boba Fett

R3-A2 Left Leg
- BD31 Chewbacca (Millennium Falcon Co-Pilot)
- BD37 Clone Commander Deviss

R3-A2 Right Leg
- BD32 Imperial Scanning Crew
- BD35 Padmé Amidala

• R3-A2 is the ninth astromech released in the Droid Factory "Build-A-Droid" series
- R4-D6
- R7-Z0
- R4-J1
- R7-T1
- R5-A2
- R2-L3
- R3-M3
- R5-C7
- R3-A2
- R4-P44