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VERSION 1: (Silver)
VERSION 2: (Champagne/Platinum)
The Build-A-Droid U-3PO is assembled through the acquisition of the following Legacy Collection Droid Factory figures:
- BD38 Luke Skywalker (head)
- BD39 Emperor Palpatine (torso)
- BD40 Captain Needa (left leg)
- BD41 Princess Leia (right leg)
- BD42 Hoth Rebel Trooper (right arm)
- BD43 Ugnaught (left arm)

• Carry forward/repacked figures in this case that also include U-3PO B.A.D. parts.
- GH1 Battle Damaged Darth Vader (head)
- GH2 Kashyyyk Trooper (torso)
- BD17 Clone Trooper (Coruscant Landing Platform) (left leg)
- BD22 Imperial Engineer (right leg)
- BD33 Jawa/WED Treadwell (left arm)
- BD34 Obi-Wan Kenobi (right arm)

• First shipments of this wave included U-3PO's B.A.D. parts painted in a bright silver coloration (version 1). Later, the color was revised per Lucasfilm's request to have more of a champagne/platinum finish (version 2).

U-3PO was seen alongside C-3PO in the opening scenes of A New Hope onboard Tantive IV. He was in fact a Imperial spy and transmitted the signal that enabled the Star Destroyer Devastator to track down their location. Summarized from Wookieepedia.