Major Panno

(Dressellian Tactician)

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Major Panno is a Dressellian tactician who works with General Crix Madine to plan commando strikes for the Rebel Alliance. He assists Madine in planning the shield generator strike on Endor that helps to destroy the second Death Star.

• According to Wookieepedia and other sources, Major Panno should be dressed in a light tan cloak, he is offered here in a dark gray cloak.

• This all-new figure marks the third release of a Dressellian species character
- 1983 Vintage/Kenner Return of the Jedi "Prune Face"
- 1998 Kenner Power of the Force Freeze Frame "Orrimaarko (Prune Face)"
- 2009 Legacy Collection BD20 "Major Panno"

• The vest Panno wears is very similar in design to the vest worn by the Hoth Rebel Trooper.

• Panno's comlink and goggles can be stored in one of two pouches sewn on the front of his cloak.

• Articulation: ball jointed shoulders, elbows, knees and ankles, swivel wrists, hips and waist and a ball socket neck.

• Accessories: Removable cloak, comlink, goggles and blaster pistol

• This wave of figures continue to promote the Special Mailaway Eopie with Qui-Gon Jinn offer on the figure bubble.

• Build-A-Droid part: Includes the dome and middle leg for the astromech R5-C7.