Imperial Scanning Trooper

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• An Imperial scanning crew check the Millennium Falcon to make sure no one is on board. The two-man crew brings the scanner onto the ship and quickly discovers the vessel is not as empty as it first appeared to be.

• This all new figure features 14 points of articulation with ball joint shoulders, elbow, knees and ankles; swivel waist, wrists and hips and a ball socket neck.

• This figure marked the 3 release of the Imperial Scanning Crew/Trooper:
- 1998 POTF2 Millennium Falcon Carrying Case w/Imperial Scanning Crew Trooper
- 2004 OTC#38 Imperial Trooper
- 2009 LC BD32 Imperial Scanning Crew

• Accessories: E-11 blaster rifle with working holster and scanning equipment crate

• As of this writing, there are plans to release a second version that with include a different head sculpt and a different equipment trunk (shown on the card back).

• The packaging for this figure includes a call-out sticker to promote the 2009 Eopie with Qui-Gon Jinn Mailaway Offer.

• Build-A-Droid part: Includes the right leg for the astromech R3-A2.