Plo Koon

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• Plo Koon us a Jedi Master whose homeworld is Dorin, where the atmosphere* is mostly helium and other gas unique to the planet. He wears protective googles and a face-concealing antiox mask whenever he is in oxygen-rich environments. (*spelled "atomosphere" on the card back.)

• Plo Koon is essentially an all new figure as he recycles the torso and hand sculpts from the 2005 ROTS #16 Plo Koon. This new version features upgraded articulation with ball joint shoulders, elbows, knees and ankles, plus swivel wrists, hips and a ball socket neck.

• Although this isn't a concept figure per se, Plo Koon does include an unused Episode III concept lightsaber gauntlet. First illustrated by Derek Thompson for Revenge of the Sith, the lightsaber gauntlet has become synonymous with Koon through releases like the Sideshow 1/6 scale figure and most recently the Clone Wars #14 Plo Koon figure from 2008.

• Accessories: Removable antiox mask, lightsaber and two-bladed lightsaber gauntlet.

• Plo Koon as received his fair share of releases over the years. At last count, that total appears to be 10 separate figures (seven of which are shown above).
- 2000 POTJ (Jedi Master)
- 2002 SAGA 02/12 (Arena Battle)
- 2004 OTC Jedi High Council Screen Scene #2 (not shown above)
- 2005 ROTS #16 (Jedi Master)
- 2005 ROTS #66 (Jedi Hologram Transmission)
- 2008 TAC Walmart Exclusive Droid Factory 1 of 6 (not shown above)
- 2008 TCW No. #14
- 2008 TLC/Saga Legends SL09 (blue/white card)
- 2009 LC/Saga Legends SL13 (red/white card)
- 2009 LC BD45

• The packaging for this figure includes a call-out sticker to promote the 2009 Eopie with Qui-Gon Jinn Mailaway Offer.

• Build-A-Droid part: Includes the head and blaster for the combat droid YVH-1.