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• R2-X2 is the on-board astromech for Red Ten during the Battle of Yavin. The R2 series astromech droid aids the Rebel Alliance X-wing fighter pilot during the Trench Run to destroy the Galactic Empire's Death Star battle station.

• R2-X2 is a repaint of the ROTS Sneak Preview #4 of 4 R4-G9 astromech. This mold features pivoting shoulders and ankle joints and plus the rotating dome (when turned clockwise or counter-clockwise) raises and lowers the middle leg.

• R2-X2 was released previously in the 2005 Entertainment Earth Exclusive Astromech Droid Pack Series II set. This new version corrects the previous version's black paint job to a more screen accurate green color, but it does still feature the error of the green box around the processor state indicator (the circle on the dome's front that changes red to blue in the film).

• Although R2-X2 is not a character Empire Strikes Back, this figure was slotted into this wave as the scheduling didn't allow for it to fit into the A New Hope wave (wave 10).

• Accessories: None

• The packaging for this figure includes a call-out sticker to promote the 2009 Eopie with Qui-Gon Jinn Mailaway Offer.

• Build-A-Droid part: Includes the right leg for HK-50.