Target Exclusive
Battle Pack:

Jabba's Rancor with Luke Skywalker
(Includes Rancor and Luke Skywalker - Jedi Knight)

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VARIANT: Brown/Glossy Version
• The palace of Jabba the Hutt, crime lord of Tatooine, is full of unpleasant surprises - including a trapdoor that sends Luke Skywalker tumbling into a rancor pit. The young Jedi is destined to become the carnivorous creature's next meal unless he finds a way to defeat the beast. Luke battles the rancor, using the bone of a previous victim - and a well-aimed rock - to dispatch the rancor and free himself from the pit.

• The Jabba's Rancor is a repaint* and partial retool of the Target Exclusive TAC The Force Unleashed Battle Rancor with Felucian Rider and Saddle . The Rancor features spring-tensioned shoulders, ball joint ankles, swivel head/neck, wrists, biceps, hips and a posable jaw. This version of the Rancor also includes a new right hand/claw with posable fingers - dubbed "Rancor Grip". (*there are two distinctive decos for the Rancor, one with light brown skin and light brown/tan wash finish - the second with dark brown skin a light wash and a glossy finish. Both versions can be seen above.)

• The included Luke Skywalker figure is a repack/repaint of the TAC #25 figure without the coin.

• Accessories: Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight) with lightsaber hilt, lightsaber, bone, plus a removable wrist shackle.