Wal-Mart Exclusive
Clone Commandos

Alpha (ARC Trooper), Fi Skirata (Omega Squad) and
Storm Commando (Imperial Special Forces)

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- Released in September 2009, this set is one of three final Evolutions sets in the Legacy line before the concept goes on indefinite hiatus. The other 2 in the series are the Rebel Pilot Legacy III and Imperial Pilots Legacy II.

The packaging for this set has several errors of note:
• The Clone Commando is brandishing the Storm Commando's blaster pistols
• The Storm Commando is carrying the Clone Commando's rifle
• The ARC Trooper "Alpha" helmet has the rangefinder on the wrong side when compared to the actual helmet.
• All photographs/illustrations (front, back, sides) show Alpha with the rangefinder on the wrong side of the helmet

ALPHA (ARC Trooper):
- ARC Trooper Alpha-17, or "Alpha", is a captain in the Republic army's elite Advanced Recon Commando division during the Clone Wars and first saw significant action when defending Kamino's cloning facilities from the invading Confederacy forces.

- When illustrated, Alpha has been depicted wearing both Red (captain) and Blue (lieutenant) armor.

- Alpha is a repaint of his first release in the TAC Comic Pack #07 this time he sports his red (captain) armor and has a new head. He includes a removable helmet, command pauldron with gauntlet and the ARC's signature Westar-M5 blaster rifle. He also includes a new hand-held communicator/scanner accessory*. (*There has been some confusion on various sites regarding as to whom this accessory belongs as it has been shown given to the Clone Commando in some photography. It is my humble opinion that it actually belongs to Alpha as the iridescent green on the communicator/scanner matches the green on the helmet rangefinder and the color of the plastic closely matches that of the wrist gauntlet.)

- The bandolier/ammo strap that is attached to the pauldron tucks behind the ammo pack on the ARC's belt in a designated notch. The wrist gauntlet is typically worn on the troopers left forearm, but it is always packaged on the figures right forearm.

- The basic mold for this figure has been use multiple times in the TAC and TLC lines. They are:
• Blue ARC Trooper from the TAC Comic Pack #07
• Red ARC Trooper from the Target Exclusive TAC Order 66 Series 2 - 1 of 6
• Blue ARC Trooper from the Target Exclusive TAC Order 66 Series 2 - 2 of 6
• Black ARC Trooper from the Entertainment Earth TAC Republic Elite Forces "Mandalorians & Clone Troopers" Multipack
• Red ARC Trooper from the Wal-Mart Exclusive TLC Clone Commandos Evolutions Set

FI SKIRATA (Omega Squad Clone Commando):

- Fi Skirata served as a medic in the Teroch Squad and later the Omega Squad in the Grand Army of the Republic and is know for his sense of humor and positive outlook which in turn bolsters the spirit of the squads he served. Like all Clone Commandos, Fi wears Katarn-class commando armor.

- Fi Skirata is a repaint of the Clone Commando "Sev" figure that was available in the shared internet exclusive Republic Commando Delta Squad Multipack. The non articulated legs have been replaced with new versions that feature both knee and ankles joints bringing the count to 14 points of articulation (Ball socket neck, ball jointed torso, shoulders, elbows, knees and ankles. Swivel wrists and hips. )

- He also includes a mission-specialized survival pack, removable shin pouches and DC-17M blaster rifle which can be mounted/stored on the backpack by inserting the magazine into one of the rectangular slots on the bottom. These accessories are also recycled from the Clone Commando "Sev" figure.

- With this release, it brings the total up to 10 unique Clone Commando figures. They are:
From the TSC Republic Commando Delta Squad Multipack
• Scorch - previously available as TSC #21
• Fixer
• Sev
• Boss

From the Entertainment Earth TAC Republic Elite Forces "Mandalorians & Omega Squad" Multipack
• Night Ops Armor "Scorch" repaint
• Night Ops Armor "Fixer" repaint
• Night Ops Armor "Sev" repaint
• Night Ops Armor "Boss" repaint

• Clone Commando from the TAC Star Wars Tales #21 Comic Pack
• Fi Skirata from the Wal-Mart Exclusive TLC Clone Commandos Evolutions Set

STORM COMMANDO (Imperial Special Forces):

- Storm Commandos or "Shadow Scouts" are part of an elite unit of the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps and were specially trained for counter-insurgency, espionage and sabotage. They wear specialized scout armor that is coated in reflec that masked their detection by moist sensors by deflecting light and sensor energy.

- The Storm Commando is a kit-bash creation, recycling most of its parts from the VOTC Biker Scout, but now has a new head, belt/holsters and lower legs and features 14 points of articulation.

- For accessories, he includes a blaster pistol and sniper pistol, each with their own dedicated holster.

- The release marks the second unique Storm Commando, the first being the "Shadow Scout" included in the SDCC Exclusive Shadow Scout with Speeder Bike Set in the 30th Anniversary Collection.