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with Imperial Sandtrooper

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Dewbacks are large, domesticated lizards that are used for transportation on Tatooine. Sandtroopers stationed on the desert planet ride dewbacks, and Tatooine natives use the reptiles to haul goods. Dewbacks easily withstand intense daytime temperatures that cause mechanical equipment to malfunction. Sandtroopers used dewbacks to search for R2-D2 and C-3PO after the droids escaped Imperial forces on the Tantive IV.

The Dewback is and all-new sculpt featuring ball jointed ankles, ball socket head and shoulders .

Dewbacks were first seen in the original 1977 version of Star Wars and served as mounts for the Imperial detachment charged with locating the Death Star's stolen plans on Tatooine. The Dewbacks themselves were nothing more than rubber props and served as a background detail. Twenty years later, the Dewbacks were given life courtesy of ILM and they were seen lumbering about the desert of Tatooine carrying their armored riders.

• Accessories: Removable riding gear consisting of a saddle, reigns and bridle.

• This dewback marks the third unique 3-3/4" release for this creature dating back to the Vintage Kenner days.
- 1979 Kenner "Patrol Dewback"
- 1997 Kenner Power of the Force "Dewback and Sandtrooper"
- 2009 Hasbro Legacy Collection "Dewback with Imperial Sandtrooper"

• In 2000, Hasbro also released a 12" action figure version of the "Dewback & Sandtrooper" that was exclusive to Toys"R'Us.

Imperial Sandtrooper
• The Imperial Sandtrooper is an all-new sculpt featuring ball jointed shoulders, torso, elbows, hips (a first for a stormtrooper), knees, ankles, ball socket head and swivel wrists.

• Accessories: Removable SD-48 Survival Pack, Removable Pauldron (white - sergeant rank), RT-97C Heavy Blaster Rifle and Energy Prod.