Dack Ralter

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• Celebrate the legendary Star Wars saga that changed the universe forever! This collection brings to life the incredible story of good versus evil that captured our imagination and took us to a galaxy, far, far away. Iconic Star Wars heroes and villains are captured with incredible detail and premium features to commemorate each epic tale in the Star Wars saga. May the Force be with you!

• Sculpt/Articulation: This figures is a kitbash/repaint (with new head sculpt) of the TLC Evolutions Snowspeeder pilot mold used on Wes Janson and Kesin Ommis. This mold features 14 points of articulation: Ball-hinged shoulders, elbows, knees, ankles; swivel wrists/gloves, hips, plus a ball-socket torso and neck.

• Accessories: Removable helmet, A280 blaster rifle and BL-21 blaster pistol.

• This is only the second time that Dack (Dak)* has been offered as an action figures and marks the first time he's been released as a card (basic) figure. *Dak was previously offered as a pack-in figure for the Power of the Jedi Luke Skywalker's Snowspeeder released as a Walmart Exclusive in 2002.

• Over the years, the spelling of Dack's name has come into question. Several Lucasfilm approved references list him as "Dack" or "Dak" - the later being tapped as the intended nomenclature.

• The packaging for this figure includes a removable call-out sticker and redemption certficate to promote the Exclusive Rocket Firing Boba Fett Figure Mailaway Offer.