Boba Fett

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• Description:
He's here at last! After 30 years, the Boba Fett figure with the rocket-firing backpack has reach this galaxy! The story of this mail away figure us well known among Star Wars fans, and we're here to deliver the goods. This figure is a re-creation if the original Boba Fett figure, with the addition of that all-improtant rocket-firing feature. Good things really do come to those who wait - and the wait is officially over.! Enjoy!

• Sculpt/Articulation: This Boba Fett is a modern retool of the classic Vintage Boba Fett figure incorporating the rocket-firing feature the original figure was intended to have. He features the standard 5 points of articulation (of the time): swivel shoulders, hips and neck. The rocket-firing feature is activated by inserting the long rocket projectile through the top of the jetpack and then pushing the button on the back to release it. (Watch those eyes kiddies!)

• Accessories: Rocket projectile, rocket "plug" (non-firing) and blaster pistol

• Other Notes: The figure was released as a mailaway promotion in the US and Canada in 2010-2011 and obtained by sending in 5 qualifying UPC codes from Star Wars basic figures, $6.99 ($8.99CD) and the official Redemption Certificate.