Imperial AT-AT
(All Terrain Armored Transport)
Includes Speeder Bike and AT-AT Driver

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• The Imperial All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT) walker moves across the frozen Hoth landscape toward Echo Base, the Rebel Alliance's headquarters. This huge transport and combat vehicle is aimed with powerful side-mounted blasters and laser chin guns. A command crew operates the AT-AT from the control room in the vehicle's head. In the body of the vehicle, a transport area can hold speeder bikes and stormtroopers. During the Battle of Hoth, a squadron of Rebel snowspeeders led by Luke Skywalker manages to bring down one of these behemoths by entangling its legs in a tow cable.

- Commander section with light-up control panel and access hatch!
- Light-up reciprocating chin guns & firing side-mounted blasters!
- Attach figure and press button to retract rappelling line!
- Press button to lower the rappelling platform!
- Deploy the speeder bike from the AT-AT!
- Move head up, down & sideways with the handle!
- Electronic weapon, battle & vehicle sounds!
- Darth Vader, Imperial Commander & Stormtrooper Phrases!
- AT-AT holds up to 20 figures! (additional figures sold separately)
- Articulated legs!
- Over 2 feet tall!


• Clone Troopers phrases
- All right men load your weapons
- Blizzard squadron objective completed
- Ground troops deployed sir
- Range to target, one-seven decimal twenty-eight
- Preparing attack vectors
- Primary guns charged and ready
- Rebel base located
- Rebel forces in range
- Rebel forces spotted
- We're taking heavy fire sir

• Imperial Officer phrases
- Forward deflectors at full power
- Launch speeder bike recon patrol
- Rebel snowspeeder squadron approaching on your flank
- Red light
- Target the Rebel scum
- Troops standing by for deployment

• Darth Vader phrases:
- Don't fail me
- Don't let Skywalker escape
- That's it, the Rebels are there. And Skywalker is with them
- The Rebels are alerted to our presence

• General Veers phrases:
- All troops wil debark for ground assault
- Distance to power generators
- I've reached the main power generators
- Prepare to target the main generator
- Target, maximum firepower
- The shield will be down in moments
- You may start your landing

- Unassembled vehicle (head section: body, 4 legs, 4 feet, 4 stabilizers, 2 side mounted blasters with projectiles, 2 chin guns, cockpit display with 2 viewscreens; transport section: 2 viewscreens, ladder and speeder bike), label sheet, instructions and AT-AT Driver figure*

* The AT-AT Driver is a repaint of the TSC 009 AT-AT Driver and features 12 points of articulation: ball-hinged shoulders and knees, plus swivel waist, elbows, wrists/gloves, hips and a ball-socket neck

• While not expressly designated a "Vintage Collection" vehicle it does fall within the Original Trilogy era of vehicles. Interestingly, the instruction sheet calls out the AT-AT as part of "The Legacy Collection" - which ended with the new "Shadow of the Dark Side" packaging switchover.

• There are 36 foot pegs spread throughout the cockpit and transport areas.

• The speeder bike storage area includes 2 additional viewscreen that can be swung up or down for added playability.

• The AT-AT features an articulated neck that is controlled by releasing the handle stowed on the top of the transport section. This allows the head to be turned left and right and moved up and down.

• Each leg is fully posable with pivoting "shoulder", "knee" and "ankle" joints.

• The speaker for the electronic sound effects and phrases is located in the front drive motor housing located between the walker's two front legs.

• The supplied label sheet includes extra stickers for applying additional battle damage. There is no predetermined location for these extra stickers.

• Once you assemble the head section on to the body and the feet on to the legs, you are committed as there is no separating those after the fact.

• There is an exclusive packaging variant planned for the AT-AT where it will take on the design of the Black/Silver design from the Vintage Kenner days.