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THE LEGACY COLLECTION: BASIC FIGURES (includes Droid Factory "Build-A-Droid" Component) BACK TO TLC MAIN

WAVE 1: Return of the Jedi WAVE 2: Clone Wars WAVE 3: Repacks & Repaints
Build-A-Droid: R4-D6
BD1: Left Leg
BD2: Right Leg
BD3: Dome & Foot
BD4: Body

Build-A-Droid: R7-Z0
BD5: Left Leg & Booster Rocket
BD6: Right Leg & Booster Rocket
BD7: Body
BD8: Dome & Foot

Build-A-Droid: R4-J1
BD9: Left Leg
BD10: Dome & Foot
BD13: Body
BD16: Right Leg

Build-A-Droid: R7-T1
BD11: Right Leg & Booster Rocket
BD12: Left Leg & Booster Rocket
BD14: Body
BD15: Dome & Foot

Build-A-Droid: 5D6-RA-7
BD17: Torso
BD18: Head
BD19: Right Leg
BD20: Left Leg
BD21: Right Arm
BD22: Left Arm

Build-A-Droid: 5D6-RA-7
BD8: Right Leg
BD9: Torso
BD16: Head

WAVE 4: Revenge of the Sith WAVE 5: A New Hope WAVE 6: Empire Strikes Back
Build-A-Droid: MB-RA-7
BD23: Left Arm
BD24: Torso
BD25: Head
BD26: Right Arm
BD27: Left Leg
BD28: Right Leg
BD29: Torso or Right Leg
Build-A-Droid: R5-A2
BD30: Left Leg
BD31: Right Leg
BD32: Dome & Foot
BD33: Body
Build-A-Droid: R2-L3
BD34: Left Leg
BD35: Right Leg
BD36: Dome & Foot
BD37: Body
Build-A-Droid: U-3PO
BD38: Head
BD39: Torso
BD40: Left Leg
BD41: Right Leg
BD42: Right Arm
BD43: Left Arm
WAVE 7: Attack of the Clones WAVE 8: The Phantom Menace WAVE 9: Return of the Jedi
Build-A-Droid: HK-47
BD44: Head & Rifle
BD45: Torso
BD46: Left Leg
BD47: Right Leg
BD48: Right Arm
BD49: Left Arm
BD50: Head & Rifle
BD51: Torso
BD52: Left Leg
BD53: Right Leg
Build-A-Droid: L8-L9
BD01: Torso
BD02: Left arm & flamethrower effects
BD03: Right arm & flamethrower effects
BD04: Head
BD05: Left Leg
Build-A-Droid: R3-M3
BD13: Left Leg
BD16: Dome & Foot
BD17: Body
BD18: Left Leg
BD19: Right Leg
BD25: Dome & Foot
BD26: Left Leg
BD27: Right leg
BD28: Body
Build-A-Droid: R5-C7
BD20: Dome & Foot
BD21: Body
BD22: Left Leg
BD23: Right Leg
Build-A-Droid: R4-D6
GH1: Left Leg
GH2: Right Leg
GH3: Dome & Foot
GH4: Body

Build-A-Droid: 5D6-RA-7
GH1: Left Leg
GH2: Right Arm
GH4: Left Arm

All lists are subject to change.

All photos from the personal collection of Jayson Krebsbach. Photos may not be used for eBay auctions.