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Re: HYPERDRIVE'S Quinlan Vos UPDATE 5/14/13, page 4

 by jedistyle ¦  Wed May 22, 2013 6:25 pm ¦  Forum: Creations ¦  Topic: A WIP Mocumentary......BY HYPERDRIVE ¦  Replies: 82 ¦  Views: 15080

thats an outstanding little dio. you did a great job reworking vos, the soft goods came out well. the speeder is great, i dont recall ever seeing that... nice repaint though. i love the half droid laying there, way to "real up" an animated figure....keep up the great work.

Re: Wraithnine Customs

 by jedistyle ¦  Wed May 22, 2013 6:21 pm ¦  Forum: Creations ¦  Topic: Wraithnine Customs ¦  Replies: 142 ¦  Views: 22106

nice clean crisp looking droids and that clone is outstanding, keep up the great work.

Re: Mousedroid-Hoojib Customs

 by jedistyle ¦  Wed May 22, 2013 5:28 pm ¦  Forum: Creations ¦  Topic: Faddera Rabar p62 / Index p1 ¦  Replies: 916 ¦  Views: 181213

that is a great mara, the paint apps on the face are very well done....nice job on the senate security droid as well, very creative...keep up the good work!

Re: drod's custom MARCH UPDATE Jaina, Leia pg 9

 by jedistyle ¦  Wed May 22, 2013 5:25 pm ¦  Forum: Creations ¦  Topic: drod's custom MARCH UPDATE Jaina, Leia pg 9 ¦  Replies: 147 ¦  Views: 19141

really great customs, leia and jania are very well done, the paint apps have nice depth and are vivid, i have to say that your desert punk is my favorite figure i have seen from you, the egg head and camo are awsome. keep up the great work.

Re: Mr. Black's customs: WIP update 05/21/13

 by jedistyle ¦  Wed May 22, 2013 5:20 pm ¦  Forum: Creations ¦  Topic: Mr. Black's customs: WIP update 04/04/15 ¦  Replies: 567 ¦  Views: 73381

looks good incom, the wings are wild, those are going to look great when you finish.....keep up the great work and keep posting!

Re: Customs by mrjedi1977

 by jedistyle ¦  Wed May 22, 2013 5:17 pm ¦  Forum: Creations ¦  Topic: new upgrades and a few new figures by Mr.jedi1977 11/22/16 ¦  Replies: 80 ¦  Views: 15196

you've done some great background cantina figures latley...i really like the swilla and jenny figures. good attention to detail on the random charecters in the cantina, do you have a cantina dio for them to hang out in? keep up the great work...

Re: darthapathy's customs

 by jedistyle ¦  Wed May 22, 2013 5:11 pm ¦  Forum: Creations ¦  Topic: darthapathy's customs;10/21/2018-Droids ¦  Replies: 319 ¦  Views: 40487

nice looking wookie, i really like the tool belt, what did you make it from?

Re: I-am-Boba-Fett UPDATE 5-20-13 ASARI JEDI P.18

 by jedistyle ¦  Mon May 20, 2013 7:27 pm ¦  Forum: Creations ¦  Topic: I-AM-BOBA-FETT 6-23-2017 Custom ASSASSIN/VENDOR DROID Figure P40 ¦  Replies: 595 ¦  Views: 80124

you have cranked out some outstanding customs latley. all your jedi are amazing and you attention to detail on the jabbas throne room goons is great. id love to see a picture of all your jedi together.... your sculpting skills are also fantastic, several of the the jedi head sculpts are super sick, ...

Re: The Walking Dead - Survival Instict

 by jedistyle ¦  Wed Mar 20, 2013 10:25 pm ¦  Forum: Games ¦  Topic: The Walking Dead - Survival Instict ¦  Replies: 6 ¦  Views: 2058

is there any sort of co-op on this game chewie?

Re: Star Wars Episode 7 Coming in 2015

 by jedistyle ¦  Wed Mar 13, 2013 10:35 pm ¦  Forum: Sequel & Spinoff Films ¦  Topic: Star Wars: The Force Awakens - SPOILERS THREAD ¦  Replies: 283 ¦  Views: 38610

i don't think i could get on board with that...thats his fathers former padawan, she would have way to much knowledge of anakin skywalker and luke wouldn't have all the question about his father that he does in the books and other eu, it would unhinge yet another aspect of the cannon starwars that i...

Re: JediMerc's Customs (WIP TFUII Starkiller (Arena Gear)) -

 by jedistyle ¦  Sun Mar 10, 2013 9:47 pm ¦  Forum: Creations ¦  Topic: JediMerc's Customs (Harn Vendath - EpVII Contest Entry) - p8 ¦  Replies: 126 ¦  Views: 18281

thats a great looking custom thus really started from bare bones on this one huh...the sculpt work looks fantastic and the meld of a million parts is clearly put a lot og thought and effort in this figure. im sure it's a labor of love...great work and i'll look forward to seeing...

Re: 3/04/13

 by jedistyle ¦  Sun Mar 10, 2013 9:43 pm ¦  Forum: Creations ¦  Topic: 5/17/19 ¦  Replies: 790 ¦  Views: 123234

great entries, i actually love back round charecters and as you said thier stories are often great tales in thier own right... pacithhip - very cool and creative. i don't know that ive ever seen any one make this species in thier real short midgety form, awsome idea and nice paint apps to match. zab...

Re: Removing stubble?

 by jedistyle ¦  Mon Mar 04, 2013 10:58 pm ¦  Forum: Tutorials ¦  Topic: Removing stubble? ¦  Replies: 5 ¦  Views: 2036

yea i use the same method that dan mentioned, a fresh exacto blade and scrape lightly....seems tohave always worked well for me.

Re: Update 02/28/13-Episode VII Jagged,Jaina,Jacen

 by jedistyle ¦  Sat Mar 02, 2013 2:53 pm ¦  Forum: Creations ¦  Topic: Update 10/30/13- ROTJ Luke Jedi Knight ¦  Replies: 517 ¦  Views: 59189

that's a great trio. i really like the jag, good work!

Re: Mr. Black's customs: WIP update 03/01/13

 by jedistyle ¦  Sat Mar 02, 2013 2:50 pm ¦  Forum: Creations ¦  Topic: Mr. Black's customs: WIP update 04/04/15 ¦  Replies: 567 ¦  Views: 73381

wow, some amazing stuff in this post............. dotd customs - always a win, dan is an amazing customizer. i was fortunate enough to get a jedi padawan from him through the christmas exchange a couple years ago, very cool. and that container wow! heavy mando - looking good. i love mandos and this ...

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