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By jorsupersid
Well just saw the forces of destiny figures for $5 at WalMart they had quite a few... Mostly Jyn and Sabine (big surprise?)

Also just found a jaina solo at Gamestop only one I've seen in person they wanted $25 (but the jumpsuit Leia is $20!?). My debt was declined needing $9 more... I honestly just walked away. I really want the figure but same time the box/figure was an 8.5/10 soooo I'll just wait. I need to sell stuff anyway before I get more.

Finally dunno is anyone cares but TRU has infinity figures down to $1 lol (including the sets).
By dj121
Last week the AT-ST was marked down to $30.00. Stopped in today, and it was down to $15. Snagged one, even though I already have it from the first time it was a Walmart exclusive. I now have one flanking each side of my Ewok Village. :D
By dj121
Jodo wrote:I still have the recipt for several TBS 3.75 Death Troopers...So I'm gonna return them for the price difference.

Let us know if that works. I know Target will adjust price, not sure if Walmart does or not.
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By JawaKing
I agree. FOD is a fairly well-produced and marketed line. Even the price-points weren't terrible. But the line doesn't seem as appealing to all of the fan base that it was promoted to. I'm not sure why the various retail chains purchased so heavily. A Disney parks, stores, and on-line exclusive may have been a better way to push a line like this. The price point may have been higher with less production, but might have been worth it to those that the line appealed to.
By jorsupersid
StooperZero wrote:FOD would have been a cool 12" line BUT ......... the damn heads.


1,000,000 % on point. They went "Monster High" instead of "Barbie" and makes them a turn off to me. I've passed for both $2-$5 on these reason of the heads... Even thought of putting the 12" POA heads on these... But then that's more time and $$$ on a scale I stopped buying in 1999-2000.
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By EndorJunkie
Last night on brickseek I noticed that one of the Wal-Marts near me had an increase of 120 on the BS figures. I decided to check it out this morning hoping to come across some more scarif troopers, but no such luck. They did in fact get that many figures in though, pegs and top riser were just flooded with figures! There were only 2 death troopers & 2 Jyns left, about 20 ERGs, and more Lando, Ackbar, & Ahsokas than could ever possibly sell!!! I did however impulse buy another DT and ERG at the $8 price.
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