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Wowza! That is a better find than the Red A Wings. Were there other single carded figures, besides Quay, at your store? So far, I have only seen one Mudtrooper Han and one Beckett at two separate store a few weeks apart.

I am seeing a lot of the Lando and Kessel Guard 2 packs in the Seattle area. Those seem to be the Ross peg warmers right now. Is anyone seeing the Darth Maul & Qui-Gon 2 pack at Ross?

I visit 3 Ross stores in Seattle on the regular, and right now there are a bunch of Solo wave 2 two packs and Class A sets out there.
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By darthvlad
Hit a local Walmart and alleviated them of a TVC Rey, Snoke and Jyn for $2.50. Not sure what I'll do with the ladies, but I might try to do a bisected version of Snoke. Also found some Decepticon cassette 2-packs on a clearance rack, but they scanned full price. Bought them anyway.
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By darthvlad
YAK_Chewie wrote:$2.50 is cheap - great price.

Which Walmart? Did they have any left? If it's not too far away, I might stop by there.

Sorry. The Shrewbury one. Mostly Snokes left, though.
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