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By Paulskywalker

Q1.) I know you have decided against a "Droid Factory" type playset due to costs, but what about releasing sets of BADs using battlepack or 2-pack type packaging? There would be no new tooling costs, and you could package the droids in an "exploded" format to play up the interchangeability of the parts. You could even reuse the packaging design by releasing "refreshes" of the same droids but in different paint schemes.

This is an idea we have been looking at, but have not yet slotted something like this into the lineup.

Their second question mentions Hasbro are trying to find a way to release a BAD R2 D2 and C3 PO.
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By darth_sidious
BADs are pretty cheap and can be repainted easily, I could see a BAD 2-pack going for 9.99, its something kids and collectors would probably both like, so long as the pricepoint was 'friendly'. While I loved the BAD promo, I really dont see it coming back to the basic figure line again, because I dont think collectors are going to go for the 'collect em all' mentality anymore...
By zedhatch
Really back in the day Hasbro used to say the molds (both design and sculpting) were the most expensive parts of the process, they have more than made the money back on that part of it so really they would only be paying for paint now.
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By YAK_Chewie
Yeah, would seem very logical to bring back these molds and use them over and over moving forward. They can switch things up a lot with these with different paint schemes. And I really hope they find a way to fit in 3PO and R2 into this format somehow.

By allastromechswelcome
The person who said they wanted another
dozen BAD droids there actually wasn't me.

I'll be looking for whatever they do with the build-a-droids.
Thanks for mentioning it because its making me look forward
to looking for them.
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By YAK_Jayson
What if????

I was thinking about the abandoned concept of a Droid Factory Playset meant to add additional play value to the now expired Build-A-Droid feature from the Legacy Collection and came up with the above mockup. Is this something you wish Hasbro would have attempted or does the idea of recycling a 30 year old mold smack of desperation?
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By Trooper31
I'd buy that in a heartbeat. I know Hasbro is afraid of playsets, but this one has a lot of potential. Kids and their parents and collectors as well could spend hours playing with something like this.

Also, imho Hasbro focuses way too much on the aggressive side of Star Wars in my opinion, especially for kids. I'm not talking about all figures having blasters, but the fact that they say they won't make something because it's not aggressive enough. Not everything in SW was/has to be aggressive. This playset would be a step in the direction of creating something rather then destroying something.
By zedhatch
That playset makes sence, I would grab it as well.
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By Paulskywalker
For a second there i nearly fell for it and thought it was real! :lol:
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By TK1945
Paulskywalker wrote:For a second there i nearly feel for it and thought it was real! :lol:

I did the same thing and got all excited for nothing. :oops: Heck yeah I would love something like this as long as it was packed with at least 4 different droids.
By Grimace
my heart skipped a beat when I saw the picture on the front page

there are so many possiblities for the droids in a set like this

I would like to see R2 and 3PO in addition to the mix and match droids that could be made from a set like this

the original vintage playset was my favorite set since it had the droids that could be found no where else, like with the tank treads or the big rolling wheels, not to mention all the different arms and astromech legs
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By YAK_Chewie
Ugnaughts in Jabba's Palace, eh? Heh heh, I actually like the idea quite a bit.

Anyways, YES - I'd be interested in something like this for sure. If it came with a new EV-9D9 and also new 8D8 or whatever his name is, along with some junk droid parts and had a cool new paint job on the old mold, that would be great.

However, I would personally prefer something that looked more like it was from the movie itself. More of a diorama feel to it, with the torture rack pulling apart Jabba's old protocol droid... that would rock. And with it, include B.A.D. versions of C-3PO and R2-D2 - who wouldn't be interested in that?

Regardless, awesome mockup Jayson.

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By YAK_Jayson
Thanks. Good point about the Ugnaughts being in Jabba's Palace. I changed the name of the set to be Build-A-Droid Droid Factory Playset. :wink:
By stroebel83
maybe they could do a set like thins with a sand crawler shell/body that would put 3p0 and r2 together and give a reason for tons of sweet droid parts or maybe make it a series of bp styled products that comes with one named character such EV-9D9, 8D8, R2, 3P0 and each one would come with a series of droid parts

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