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TRU seemed to be the one retailer that was still pricing their figures in a relatively reasonable way. I should've known that TRU couldn't allow their corporation to be the reasonable one in this retail mess we find ourselves in lately.

They took Vader's advice: "It is pointless to resist..."
Exact opposite is happening here, the 5 POA lines sell very quickly, especially at Target at the 5.99 pricepoint. Hasbro already made it clear that both 5 POA lines are very successful. At 9.99 that can certainly change though. I won't pay it. If retailers don't keep them affordable, they'll be hurting collecting among both kids and collectors.
Hasbro also said those Star Wars Pods things were successful yet stopped production of them after a year, not saying they were wrong to do so, just pointing out there lies. I also don't understand who'd want them if I were a kid playing with them again I'd be outraged, and insulted that Hasbro thinks that kids like them. Funny though when I was younger, and still playing with figs, my favorite were the comic packs that Hasbro said didn't appeal to kids.
TRU raised the price to $9.99 so they can put them on "sale" for $6.99 next month.
Well, each kid and every collector tend to have different interests. I know my nephew liked those pods, and traded them with friends at school - perhaps it was a success? Sometimes Hasbro creates a line for temporary demand based on retail trends. Look at the Command line, they admit that one didn't work out. As for 5 POA, my nephew likes the Rebels and CW characters, and asks for them. Different kids, just like adults, are interested in various things, some are focused on character selection, while others care more about articulation...

Price is a huge factor for kids and their parents though. I doubt either want to pay 9.99 for 1 figure that is 5 POA, or 12.99 for 1 SA figure...
True, all have different taste, yet when Hasbro is producing figures taste shouldn't necessarily be priority for that same fact. They seem to be after taste in which they always end up alienating a chunk of there customers, they need not be focusing for majority market when all customers WANT to be buying figures. Though their lack of distribution over the past few years hasn't helped, making ebay my personal go to. There has to be ground between collector and kid. The hobby was great when there was only one line, like back during the 30th anniversary line. Great line up of characters with reasonable amounts of articulation that sold well, and at a fair price. Also during the time there was only one line the consistently came out with more waves, where they always seem to be rotating attention from line to line, like right now their focus is saga legends. That's ok, but for $9.99? I remember being mad when the vintage collection went that high! I might, and I may I stress might pick up a Jedi Temple Guard at that price, but a Luke, Leia, or Vader? Wouldn't you find a better one at a garage sale for $3-5?
I wish Hasbro had gone to a more simplified/unified line like TAC - try and make an $8-$9 price point, with the majority of new figures with 10 pts of articulation. Throw in a gem in each wave with 14 pts of articulation, have some GOOD repacks thrown into the mix, and quit trying to be so niche with their toys. Just make a good unified line that appeals to both kids and collectors. Done and done.

A new wave of TBS 3.75 is starting to hit now, and HTS has some of them for 12.99 along with other online retailers, some are even up to 14.99 or more. So much for the claim that the MSRP didn't change from 9.99... Is this a hike on only the last two TBS waves before TFA or the new going rate? At 12.99-14.99, I cant see casual fans buying into the SA line; and even as a longtime collector, I'm not sure I'm interested in paying that for mostly rehashes. If they're trying to poison the SA 3.75 line, its working...
That's a shame, they had Chewbacca, Dutch and Vader for $9.99 last week, then sold out, now relist them for more... hmmm...


That's basically $40.00 for those three figures. Are they insane?

I really hope that somehow Walmart and TRU can keep their prices in check on these things. If not, the game is going to be over for more people.

I remember a few years ago makng some warning of if you accepted the prices then you'd end up seeing prices like this. Few more years and a 3 3/4" figure will $20! :o
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