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I can stomach it for all new characters, like Mosep, or complete resculpts like upcoming Han and Leia.

But, Chewbacca with a new head? Or an X-Wing pilot with a new head? That's just asking too much. For $10, I'd probably get the Chewbacca, and perhaps Dutch and Dagoban Vader, but for $13, I think it's ridiculous. At least throw in something like a cool stand or diorama accessory! Or a droid part! Then I'd probably be able to accept it.

Hasbro better get their act together with the EP7 line.

I "traveled" over to HTS yesterday when I saw that new figures were posted...boy, what a letdown. Only the most dull character selection---and for 12.99 each?!?!!? I agree with you Justin: absolutely no way Hasbro is getting me to bite on any of these figures, at this pricepoint, that trot out years-old used parts.

I'm interested in---and willing to pay a bit more of a premium for---characters like Carbonite Han, Jawas, Leia as Boushh, Cmdr. Thorn. Unfortunately, these rotten casepacks are still being thrown out for retail/online to 'choke' on.

I'm *praying* that the sheer number of products we expect with the TFA release starts to remedy some of these price issues...if not, my days as a SW collector are likely coming to a close. I've got enough figures to keep me busy customizing for awhile though...
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By Jodo
I think the odd thing is that I would definitely pay $14 for Mosep, however that's only based on the assumption I'd probably also pay scalper prices of $14 to get it. :lol: I've tricked myself into thinking that's an acceptable price point for certain figures, only because I feel like secondary market prices would already be the same amount.

I think these prices would be a lot easier to swallow if there was some type of pack-in as well, even if it was just a stand. I'd much prefer a small diorama part, or even some type of Indiana Jones-esq. cardboard crate, however I'd really settle for anything that was in scale and useful with the figures...
What's that sound you hear? That's the sound of nails being driving into a coffin my friends!

I really want Mosep and Rex. If I must, I'll pay the price to get them. Then with the TFA onslaught, it is the PERFECT time to jump outta collecting. Look, if I gotta pay premium prices for a collectible, I'd rather pay even more still, and at least get a better quality product from another manufacturer (Hot Toys, Sideshow, etc). My interest has seriously waned over the last year. Can't find figures anywhere and where you can (ie: ONLINE) you're already paying $14 or more a figure once you factor in shipping. If 3.75" are getting a price hike, guess what? Its not a stretch that the 6" figures will be following closely behind. Unless this is merely a ploy to kill the SA line.
I know some of you guy are parents, but i wonder what non-SW obsessed parents think of seeing $13 figures next to figures at a normal price which are the same size etc.
Paulskywalker wrote:I know some of you guy are parents, but i wonder what non-SW obsessed parents think of seeing $13 figures next to figures at a normal price which are the same size etc.

I actually talked to a parent who is a SW fan yesterday at my church, and when I mentioned midnight madness he just looked at me. I told him that's what they call it when they release the figures at midnight in stores, and he said "Oh yeah, we'renot going, and I don't think we will picking any of this new stuff up." Later when I left I told him don't forget to budget for new figures, and he just shook his head. If I had to guess he probably doesn't buy too much SW stuff for himself or his son already, so with a price hike combined with a focus on the sequels, he's probably out entirely.
darth_sidious wrote:I'm not a parent, but I buy figures for my nephew, and I can tell you that I wont buy SA figures for him anymore. $10 was the cap for what I'd pay for a single action figure that might get broken. I'll stick to buying him Mission Series packs where you get 2 figures for $10.

And that could be the strategy... Price hike = collectors leave or settle for the 5 POA figures. Then when there's no more SA figures being made, they can blame "the market".
Maybe it's time to boycott Hasbro before TFA and try to get a message across. Should be easy as it is hard to get the toys.
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By Jodo
My vote would hands down go towards diorama parts, and if we can't have that, then droid parts. However, I also really liked the Saga stands that were able to lock together! The ROTS stands were cool, but they should have been designed to form better scenes.
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