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By Trooper31
Wal_Mart is giving up on this stuff pretty quickly. These have been out for about a month now, you'd think they could wait until after Christmas for discounts like that. That said, I'd buy both at those prices.
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By StooperZero
wish i could get another speeder at $22.

one walmart got
2 of each
one target i was at i think they might have gotten 3 of each

local walmart- nothing.
one i was at the other day out of town- nothing.
That's sad if its already being clearance. These were only released a month ago... but is this the AT-ACT curse to be clearanced (almost as) as soon as it's put out?

These are cool items, but for me, I just don't have the room to display 6" vehicles and that's probably the same for other collectors. And I think there's only so far Hasbro could go with 6" vehicles, so we'd never get some iconic ships MF or AT-AT, ST, TE, DP, et al. Even the landspeeder is underscaled. I'm not sure about Rey's speeder. Does anyone know? I just feel Hasbro should just stick with 6" figures and either pass completely on vehicles or make an extremely limited production run (because there are people who do love it, will buy).

I only want the Rey figure from the speeder set, so even $45 is too much for me (brickseek says local stores are all down to $45 (though one said $10 and had 0 stock... not sure if I believe it though). If I found one for $22, I'd definitely buy it though.
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By YAK_Chewie
I agree, there are too many limitations on the vehicles in the 6" scale - there is a reason that Kenner back in the day went with 3.75". Playsets and vehicles galore.

These particular 6" offerings are great though, in my opinion. But if they, and the centerpiece stuff has bombed that bad, will those lines even continue? Will the Dewback even hit retail?

And if I see these for $22, I'll get another of each. I have a feeling I could at least customize Luke's speeder into something for 3.75" scale.

Agreed. The 6" figures look great and I can't complain about Hasbro's efforts at all. I just don't have room in the house to display it... unless I win the lottery and that's not likely to happen since I don't play.

I can say the same about Centerpiece. They look great, but I don't collect 6" statues with stands. I think if Hasbro wanted to go this route, perhaps they should have gone with small dios instead? Perhaps include an articulated 6" figure along with the dio/stand for the price Centerpieces are going for and they might sell better... though I don't want to have to buy an overpriced set when I really only want the figure.

YAK_Chewie wrote:And if I see these for $22, I'll get another of each. I have a feeling I could at least customize Luke's speeder into something for 3.75" scale.

If you get another Rey speeder, would you keep the figure or could we help each other out? :wink:
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By StooperZero
Hasbro's way of throwing as much against the wall as they can hoping something sticks.

Instead of 6" vehicles I'd much rather see "deluxe" sets IE: accessories like an E-Web cannon, rebel laser dish on the $25 ish side VS taking a gamble at $65 mid size vehicles that typically rot .
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By darthapathy
Stopped by the same Wal Mart again earlier this evening. The shipper in the main aisle was gone. All that was left was the Forces of Destiny shipper. I checked the clearance aisle which is located near the arts and crafts section and found five of the Rey and speeder sets; no Luke. Still $22
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By Imaculata
A lot of TFA and Rogue One vehicles for 5POA are on sale over here in Europe. They still got tons of Rey's Speeders, Elite Speeder Bikes, Assault Walkers, First Order Snowspeeders, Desert Landspeeders, Black X-wings, First Order Special Forces TIE Fighters, TIE Strikers, and even the Millenium Falcon.

Seems like a lot of toystores are still stocked up on these vehicles, and are trying to clear them out before the new movie is released.

I already own the white x-wing, so unless there's a huge price drop for the black version (with the deformed cannons and nose), I'm satisfied with just owning the good version. By the way, we should definitely put that info in the TFA toyguide regarding the bad quality of the black x-wing.
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By YAK_Chewie
Here's some current sales/clearance sightings:

^ Walgreens through Nov 18... if you have a rewards card with them, 25% off TBS stuff... there might be more on sale, this is all I saw.

^ TRU has $10 any $50 Star Wars purchase (following a recent BOGO 40% off offer)

^ Walmart clearancing out those Centerpiece sets to $20 a pop

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