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By StooperZero
YAK_Chewie wrote:Image

^ $5.00 each at Walmart... not sure if this is national, but I assume it is... I found an AT-AT driver in the pile of Finn, Cassian and Jyn - and the driver rang up for $5.00.


must be your area , ours are all still 16.82 here.

nothing but TFA and jyn/cassian. :evil:
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By EndorJunkie
Wal-Mart must be rolling back prices on the 3.75" black series figures as well! Just had a friend tell me the figures are ringing up at $4!!! I checked Brickseek and 4 of the 8 Wal-Mart's within my area of the state have them priced at $4! Might be time to check your local stores!
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By darth_sidious
jorsupersid wrote:Well just saw the forces of destiny figures for $5 at WalMart they had quite a few... Mostly Jyn and Sabine (big surprise?)

Also just found a jaina solo at Gamestop only one I've seen in person they wanted $25 (but the jumpsuit Leia is $20!?). My debt was declined needing $9 more... I honestly just walked away. I really want the figure but same time the box/figure was an 8.5/10 soooo I'll just wait. I need to sell stuff anyway before I get more.

Finally dunno is anyone cares but TRU has infinity figures down to $1 lol (including the sets).

I never picked up any Infinity figures when they were originally released, but I found some at TRU on clearance for $1, and picked up the figure I was most interested in, Ahsoka. Are these being cleared out anywhere else? I may track down Yoda and Leia next.
By jorsupersid
They are "long gone bro". WalMart might. Maybe a Gamestop clearance bin. But your most honest bet is to just go to SAVERS (etc.) I've seen dozens of all characters in the bags. Good luck.


I myself have checked some walmarts and the $5 $4 figures are now "done" even if advertised on shelf...they ring up $8+ $16+ etc.

So now its a store by store basis. For instance I went to a location today and they had 6x ponda and 2x tusken and they rang up $4 so I took them all lol... for customs.
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By Trev
If you guys are still looking for some of the 3.75" Black Series figures at decent prices and can't find them at Walmart, Amazon has some. I bought Jyn and Admiral Ackbar last night for about $10 each, and I got Cassian for about $13, but I also couldn't find them for $5 at my local Walmart (they only have Han and Leia from The Force Awakens). Considering Jyn and Cassian will be $15 when they're re-released in the Vintage Collection in the spring, I thought it was worth it. (Snoke is the only figure I think I'll buy from the first wave of the Vintage Collection. I think I'll just keep looking for Rey at my local Walmart. I can justify spending $5 on a super articulated Rey figure, but $15 is a lot when I already have several Rey action figures.)
By jorsupersid
YAK_Chewie wrote:Image

^ Seeing lots of these at Target lately on endcaps.


I pigged out a year ago when GS had these down to $5 - $2.50 each. This was before the baze/maul sets hit sadly so I didn't get multiples of those. I definitely would love 1,000's of those sandtroopers lol
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