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By ImperialOfficer
StooperZero wrote:i'll try.. maybe going there again friday.

Thanks, I really appreciate it. The only discount store near me is 5 below, and the only good thing I've ever seen there was 6 inch stuff, which is useless to me.
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By darthapathy
ImperialOfficer wrote:Dang, I'd grab a few a wings at that price... I'll have to check my 5 below...

The A-Wings would be the only thing I'd get. Maybe some R2s for the current Yakfinities. Unfortunately, the closest 5 Below is over 3 hours away.
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By Trev
I can’t believe Five Below actually got some of the A-wings in — I’d definitely pick one up just for the figure!

Being that this is the retail sales/clearances thread, I figured it was worth asking... I’m considering buying a 6” C-3PO and R2-D2. C-3PO is pretty reasonably priced on Amazon, but I was shocked at how much R2-D2 is. Anyone know of any stores where I might happen to find him on clearance? It’s a slim chance, but I figured I’d ask anyways. :grin: Thanks!
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By EndorJunkie
For those of you that have checked Ross for the Ponda/Fett/Tusken/ST wave and came up empty handed, it might be worth it to keep checking back. I picked up 2 tusken, a Ponda, and another sand trooper yesterday.

What was interesting though is that I had an employee tell me that they have only been putting out 4 at a time! (I got no other help than that when I asked if they had more) So, it might be worth it to keep checking if you are looking for any of these figures.
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By darthapathy
While picking up a few odds and ends today at Target, I wandered down the Star Wars aisle to see what they had. As mentioned before, all the TLJ and Solo packaged items were on clearance. Basic figures were $2.38 (70% off). After reading the article about the unknown value of General Hux on the TLJ Purchases and Finds thread, I grabbed two of them. I plan on using the heads and possibly the coats. The Mouse Droids will be used as diorama filler. The bodies are up for grabs if anyone is interested.
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By The Professor
I saw similar clearances at my local Walmart last night.

Two packs for $7 including the Rebolt wave. $4 5 POA figures. $15 Force Links. $47 Falcons. $9 Deluxe figures including the swoop, wampa, and rathtars.
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