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By darthvlad
Hear that 6" Rex is hitting Ross stores. I'd love to get one since I never saw it in stores... just not sure if my local stores will get any. :? Also would like to get some 3-POs but I think those never hit here either.
By trs55
tj maxx & marshals got in the rex wave case assortment 2 months ago. you won't find anything there. Tuesday morning is still sitting on tons of rogue one 6 inch figures. highly doubt that they will get rex either.
By scottmushroom
I checked 8 or so Ross stores in the Atlanta area between Wed and Thurs, no sign of Rex here. I thought maybe he was showing up on the west coast and would start popping up more and more east, but then he was spotted in Tenn yesterday. Hopefully the trend of stores getting 12 of him continues! I had just given up on finding him at Ollie's and resigned myself to paying as close to 20 as possible but now there's hope again!
By trs55
the cancelled EE red one. there is a pattern to how Ross gets stuff. which stores get stuff first, etc. I have kept a journal of findings over the last 9 years. there is always patterns.
By trs55
just restocking patterns for left coast. I think with all the weather hazards in the mid west, there might be a delay. guessing, I would say next week.
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