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By stroebel83
Same where I am at in NC no sign the managers have told me they don't even think they will carry them. So they will probably show up when I am broke :?
Local Targets got figures priced at 4.99
they are all old figures that have been readily available
for months so I guess might be going on where they've got overstock like that.
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By Squirepec7
nothing in my stores either. my wal-mart is horrible they have 5 rows of boxes stacked to the top in the garden center and they don't bother to put them on the empty shelves.
By zedhatch
Not really SW, but K-mart is having half off clearence right now, I got some BNB wrestlers for $2, Weapon X wolvie for $3, and wovlies statis chamber for $6. Didn't see any SW items at the two K-Marts I visited but that might be different near other people.
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By YAK_Chewie
Received news today from a reader that his local TRU figures were back to full price even when scanned (the tags that had been on figures indicated that they would be $4.99 until July or later).

Sure enough, I went by a St. Louis TRU this evening and saw the same thing - all figures scanning back at full price, along with the sale tags removed. Each peg now had a blue or green circular sticker on it (so did all GI JOE Rise of Cobra figures).

Anyone know if this is a nationwide thing? Are some stores still at the $4.99 price?

By Dansolo
Hasbro reps recently visited TRUs and sent back a whole bunch of SW figures (Plo Koon, Saesee Tinn and any white carded figures) leaving hardly anything on the pegs. How this applies to TF figures, I don't know since most stores still have tons of Wheelie figures on the pegs.
By Lindsey
I went by my TRU today and noticed the same thing, prices back up to 7.49 and the pegs were noticeably emptier, most of the peg warmers had been taken off. Plus a bunch of the comic packs that had been sitting there for months now had the celebration contest stickers applied (only the comic packs though which is interesting).
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By Niktom
I went into a couple of Wal-Marts in Central Arkansas and the prices were back up in the mid $6 range. Just wonder if WM did it first and others are starting to follow, like the price drop.
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By darth_sidious
I was at TRU a few days ago, and they had the $4.99 signs still up...I also stopped at WM, and they were priced at $4.50, and Target had them for $4.99 - its an odd move to jack the prices up while you still have pegwarmers, unless they intend to keep those old figures on the pegs while the new CW, vintage, and legends hit retail. If that is their intention - the new figures might be here sooner than we thought. I really hope that isnt the case, I'm still trying to track down a few CW figures: Sidious & Mangaguard, so it would be nice if they released the older figures before flooding in new stuff.
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By Diddly
Saw the increased prices at TRU yesterday. Considering they aren't restocking anything, they've lost my business for the rest of the summer. EU Wave be damned.

Wal-Mart is still $4.50 but likewise, not restocking. In fact every store in my area is doing the whole "put one figure on each peg" trick so they don't have to restock anything. Looks like I'm finished with Toy Runs until Vintage hits!
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By YAK_Chewie
I love my toy runs, getting out of the office on lunch break keeps me sane... well when there's something fun to look for at retail. Right now there's not jack! I guess that I saw this coming but this is getting really boring...

The only thing that's keeping me interested in toy runs right now is looking for good finds in the clearance aisle, and scoping hardware sections to get ideas for a new diorama or two.

Also, Target is back to $6.04, TRU at $7.49 as reported, and Wal-Mart is still at $4.50... not much seems to be moving anywhere... vintage can't get here soon enough!

By Grimace
yesterday I confirmed that my TRU has raised their priced but Target still has the discount price

it had battle packs and vehicles on sale too
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