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By StooperZero
that EE 4 pack up in the right corner on our page here is down to $46 at entertainment earth.

i got one for $54 shipped, that's cheaper than what it costs me for most trips to come home with one figure.
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By Imaculata
I don't know. It kind of looks like a lazy repaint of that TFA speeder, but with a hideous projectile launcher pasted on top. I sure hope that thing is removable.
By frosty
For us here in the uk, 6 inch black series are on sale at home and bargains for £5.99 each
they have hux, asty, tie fighter pilot and snowtrooper
They also have rey and bb8, kylo, stormtrooper, these are not as good, the paint apps are not great
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By YAK_Chewie
The other day, Jeditemplearchives posted details on Target's plan on where to merchandise all the clearance Star Wars items here.

Today, while on a road trip, I swung by a Target store and saw this practice taking place:


All this stuff was 50% off, save for the 6" Black Series which were $4.96~ish..

Try as I may, I was unable to convince myself to buy any of it. The Jakks Pacific Stormtrooper for $10 was tempting though.

Notice that nearly all of this is either gimmick stuff or limited articulation toys. It was inevitable that when Target set an entire aisle of Star Wars stuff, and the majority of it was low quality of just silly that this was going to happen.

Hopefully greener pastures are ahead for fans and retailers... because this can't be healthy for the brand... and the problem at Toys"R"us is probably worse.

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