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By darthapathy
Stopped by the last remaining K Mart in my area just to see what they had. I came across the desert landspeeder from TFA. Just for fun, I scanned it and it came up $5. Since all clearance was an additional 50% off, it was actually $2.50. At that price, I couldn't pass it up making it the only thing I purchased from TFA. I plan on using it for a custom. Thinking it would make a great ride for a criminal type if/when we do a Criminals Yakfinities :wink:
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By darthapathy
Stopped at a Wal Mart in my area today not really expecting to find anything. Checked the clearance section just in case they stuck the TVC there. They did not. However they did put the remaining Black Series 6 inch there. For fun I decided to scan one. Sticker said $5 but they rang up 3 cents. So for that price I couldn't help picking some up. For 30 cents+, I left with 7 Cassians and 3 Jyns. There were still 8 Cassians. Thought about grabbing them all but a) really didn't need to and b) figured someone else should have a shot at them. My plan is to save most of them for Toys for Tots and use a couple to experiment on for customs. Never tried 6 inch customs before.
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By Jodo
My girlfriend and I picked up 25 three cent Cassian and Jyns recently. I'll donate them to Toys For Tots later this year! I can't believe it cost less than $1 to get all of these, given there is "$500 worth" of retail right here. :shock:

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By darthapathy
Here is a head scratcher for you. Many Wal Mart stores put the Black Series 6inch Rogue One figures from two years ago on clearance from 2 years ago for a mere 3 cents yet they decided to hang onto this gem from 6 years ago for this great price
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By darthapathy
StooperZero wrote::lol: :lol:

that's crazy, one walmart i go to had him in the clearance section too for the same price.

i was like... what and how is this thing still in their inventory .

Did the one at the store you went to have the 3D glasses intact or ripped free like this one?
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