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By scottmushroom
I might have to hit a few walmarts in the next day or two, not much left at most of them in my area, but if prices are dropping i might be interested in what is left. Where the Maul/Qui Gon 2 packs marked down by chance?
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By Jodo
K-Mart dropped the price of their TVC figures to $7.50, so I ordered some of the army builders, like the Tank Driver and Death Trooper. They shipped me a bunch of Snokes and Reys!
By scottmushroom
Went to 2 Walmarts yesterday, was able to snag the last Qui-Gon/Maul pack for 7 bucks. I may go back and pick up another Lando/Kessel Guard pack if they drop to $4 just for the guard and his cannon.
By scottmushroom
Scored a 2nd AT-DT for $15 last night. I was glad to find it since the one I got for $21 had a seat that wouldn't snap into place. I might use that one on display as already being blown up. Going to do some hunting this weekend to see what else I might come across!
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