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By YAK_Chewie

^ My brickseek frustration has finally come to an end as one of the stores that has indicated having the TIE Fighter both at a good discount AND in stock actually was correct. LOL

I bought two for $25 each. So that's three of them that I have now. The first one cost me $80 because I bought it as soon as it came out to try and support the line.

They had at least 10 more of them. Eureka, Missouri Walmart.

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By YAK_Chewie
darth_sidious wrote:Hard to believe that Wampa made it to clearance - these must have been unopened cases that never made it out at regular retail stores? I'd like to find that red A-Wing myself, but there are no Ross stores around here, wish a similar outlet, like TJ Maxx would carry them, as I'd like to get the pilot figure.

Yep, I think there was such a backlog of the first Force Link deluxes (Rathtars), and then this wave had even more Rathtars... and then before long, it was time to stop ordering these and Hasbro/retailers were trying to focus on Solo.... so tons and tons of these never even made it to Walmart/Target/etc.

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By Jodo
TVC figures for $7 and TBS for $11 in Vandalia, IL where I’m teaching for the Summer. I didn’t pick anything up, but next time I might grab one or two more TVC Range Troopers if they’re left....
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