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By stroebel83
Saw these at target today. Supposedly the tickets are in with the figure. A little research on my part tells me these figures have been sitting here for about two weeks and they just added the stickers? The stickers are on all Legends and comic packs, but if you look at the rancor keeper you will see the damage on the box from where he was torn from his BOGO package in December. So is this real or is this a shameless ploy to clear shelves?
By stroebel83
sorry left these off original post
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By YAK_Jayson
I'll repeat my post here from the Yakface Facebook page:

Buyer beware. Hasbro store reps have been seen putting these stickers on old product that would have been on shelves well before this promo was announced. There would be ZERO chance you could win by purchasing that product. Pretty shady if those reports are true.
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By Paulskywalker
YAK_Jayson wrote:I'll repeat my post here from the Yakface Facebook page:

Buyer beware. Hasbro store reps have been seen putting these stickers on old product that would have been on shelves well before this promo was announced. There would be ZERO chance you could win by purchasing that product. Pretty shady if those reports are true.

That is serious and i think should be brought up in a Q&A personally.
Yeah, from what I can see Hasbro has some serious explaining to do - these are all over the Legacy figures, Comic Packs, Battle Packs and Mid Sized Vehicles as Wal-Marts and Targets in my area all of a sudden... I saw a kid, maybe 10 years old today showing it to his mom at Target. He was clearly excited and was trying to explain to her what a Star Wars Celebration was... I had to break the news to them that chances are those are being put on the figures by Hasbro reps on OLDER product... she asked me how I knew this, and I told her that there was a suspicion around Star Wars fan sites on the web and explained it the best I could. They were still looking at figures when I walked away.

it is pretty pathetic on their part especially because you would be able to see the tickets just like the clone cash??? Isn't this false advertising??
The only way this could make honest sense would be if the sticker were somehow the game piece, and only IF that piece could only be played after buying the item and getting the win message revealed from the inside, or else everyone would just peel them off from the outside in the store. It doesn't seem likely that this is properly designed.

Plus, the contest rules state that the marked packages would have a separate insert inside the product signaling the win (like a Willy Wonka-style golden ticket). There's NO WAY that such a thing could be insterted into those ancient, beat-up figures that people have seen employees sticking these contest flag stickers onto.

This is sad, and Hasbro really needs to be held responsible. It's straight-up fraud, and the proper authorities should be notified.
I saw these also today and noticed that the stickers were wrinkled!! Almost like they were rushed to be put on. Wish I would have took a picture. We should all purchased one Junk figure so we have means for a class action lawsuit against this BS. I for one am not for crap lawsuits but this is just wrong what they are doing. First the scalpers and the EU wave now this, I have about had it.
jaydsaber wrote:I haven't seen one yet but i hope it is like the contests where you have to register and put in some sort of code that is on the sticker. I will have to check them out tomorrow.

The contest rules say that there is a pre-packaged winning message in the winning items. It's not code-based. Any code on these would be visible through the bubbles on basic figures.

Hasbro has some explaining to do.
According to ... plash.html

Official Rules

1. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Look for winning game pieces inside specially-marked Hasbro STAR WARS BUILD A DROID FIGURES, STAR WARS STARFIGHTER VEHICLES, STAR WARS COMIC PACKS and STAR WARS BATTLE PACKS products at participating retail locations from May 7, 2010 through July 26, 2010 or while supplies last, whichever occurs first. Game play is also available via mail-in request - limit one (1) game play request per outer mailing envelope - by sending a stamped, self-addressed envelope along with a piece of paper on which you have hand-printed your name, mailing address, age and daytime phone number to "Star Wars Celebration V Game Play Request", PO Box 11449, Bozeman, MT 59719-1449 postmarked by July 26, 2010 and received by July 31, 2010. Residents of VT may omit return postage. Neither Hasbro, Inc. ("Sponsor") nor Lucasfilm, LTD, nor each of their respective affiliates or divisions are responsible for lost, late, misdirected, incomplete, illegible, damaged or postage due game play requests and/or prize claims. Material submitted becomes the property of the Sponsor and will not be returned.

2. How To Play: Prize-winning product packages will contain a game piece with the message: "You Have Won Two Star Wars Celebration V VIP Tickets" printed on it, as well as instructions for prize redemption. If your specially-marked Hasbro STAR WARS product does not contain a game piece, you are not a prize winner. Mail-in game players will receive either a winning game piece with the message: "You Have Won Two Star Wars Celebration V VIP Tickets" printed on it, as well as instructions for prize redemption, or the non-winning game play message: "Sorry, Not a Prize Winner." If any mail-in game play request received after July 20, 2010 results in a prize-winning game play, prize winner will be contacted by Sponsor's representative by phone using the contact information provided by game player. All winning game pieces subject to verification. Limit one (1) prize per person or household address.

3. Prizes / Approximate Retail Value / Odds of Winning: Ten (10) STAR WARS Celebration V VIP Ticket Package Prizes: Each Ticket Package Prize consists of two (2) VIP Tickets to attend the STAR WARS CELEBRATION V on August 12-15 in Orlando, FL. VIP tickets entitle winner and one (1) guest (who must be winner's parent or legal guardian if winner is under the age of 18) to the following: Celebration V VIP Badge; Celebration V show poster and souvenir program book; access to Celebration V VIP Concierge & Lounge; early access admission to exhibit hall and Celebration Store; express access to Celebration Store checkout; express access to up to three (3) autograph sessions (excludes autograph cost); and reserved seating in Celebration Celebrity Stage. / Approximate retail value of each Prize Package is $600.00. Prize package does not include transportation between winner's residence and Orlando, FL, lodging in Orlando, FL, ground transportation, taxes, tips, gratuities, meals, service charges, souvenirs, or any other service or item not specifically described above. / Odds of winning: 1:28,000. Total retail value of all prizes is $6,000.00. Many will participate. Only up to ten (10) will win any prize.

4. To Claim A Prize: Winning game pieces will contain prize claim information, including a phone number to call to claim a prize and instructions on how to submit your game piece for verification. Prize winner must call the prize claim phone number by August 1, 2010 and submit their game piece for verification by August 4, 2010 or game piece becomes void and prize will be forfeited. Copies of winning game pieces will not be accepted. Proof of mailing/submission does not constitute proof of delivery. All unclaimed prizes will not be awarded.

5. Conditions of Participation: The consumer is solely responsible for claiming and redeeming a prize - and presenting their game piece for verification - by August 4, 2010. Prizes are not transferable prior to awarding. No prize substitution or cash equivalents allowed except that Sponsor reserves the right to substitute a prize of equal or greater value if deemed necessary for any reason. By participating, you (or your parent/legal guardian if participant is under 18) agree to these Official Rules and the decisions of the judges which are final and binding in all respects, and to release Hasbro, Inc., Lucasfilm, LTD and each of their respective affiliates, divisions, and all other companies associated with the "Star Wars Celebration V VIP Tickets Instant Win Game" from all claims or liability relating to your participation or acceptance or use of any prize. Neither Hasbro, Inc.. Lucasfilm, LTD nor their respective affiliates, subsidiaries, divisions, advertising or promotion agencies are responsible for incorrect game piece printing or seeding. If due to a printing or production error, more prizes are claimed than are intended to be awarded in accordance with these rules, prizes will be awarded in a random drawing from among all eligible prize claims received. In no event will more than the stated number of prizes be awarded. Only official game pieces will be accepted. All game materials subject to verification. Game materials are null and void and will be rejected if not obtained through authorized, legitimate channels or if any part is counterfeited, illegible, mutilated, or tampered with in any way. Grand Prize winner (or prize winner's parent or legal guardian if winner is under 18) will be required to sign and return an Affidavit of Eligibility/Liability & Publicity Release/Prize Acceptance Form within three (3) days of attempted notification. Noncompliance with this time period may result in disqualification. Prize winner (or their parent or legal guardian if prize winner is under 18) must agree to certain terms and conditions related to eligibility, release of liability, and Sponsor's use of winner's name and/or likeness for publicity, advertising and promotional purposes, without compensation (unless prohibited by law) as part of the prize claim process. Noncompliance may result in disqualification. Acceptance of prize constitutes permission to the Sponsor to use winner's name and likeness for purposes of advertising and promotion in all media throughout the world in perpetuity without additional compensation, unless prohibited by law. Once the VIP tickets are delivered to the winner, the prize is considered "awarded." The reporting and payment of any tax liabilities incurred by the winners as a result of this Game and any prizes won are the sole responsibility of the winner. IMPORTANT: ANY ATTEMPT TO DEFRAUD OR VIOLATE THE RULES IN ANY WAY IN CONNECTION WITH THIS PROMOTION WILL BE PROSECUTED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW AT SPONSOR'S SOLE AND ABSOLUTE DISCRETION.

6. Eligibility: Participation is open only to legal residents of the fifty United States and the District of Columbia. Void in Puerto Rico, other U.S. territories and possessions and where prohibited by law. Employees of Sponsor and its divisions, subsidiaries, franchisees, as well as employees of Cottonwood Enterprises, Inc. and the immediate families of each of the foregoing, or persons living in the same household of such employees are not eligible. Game is governed by U.S. laws and is subject to all federal, state and local laws.

7. Winners List: For list of prize winners, mail a stamped, self-addressed envelope accompanied with a signed, hand-printed request to "Star Wars Celebration Tickets Winner's List" PO Box 11488, Bozeman, MT 59719-1488. All requests must be received by September 31, 2010.

8. Sponsor: Hasbro, Inc., 1027 Newport Ave. Pawtucket, RI 02862.

NOTE: Neither Lucasfilm Ltd. nor any of its subsidiaries and affiliates are in any way a sponsor of this Sweepstakes and is not responsible for any obligations herein.
© 2010 Lucasfilm Ltd. & ® or TM where indicated. All rights reserved.

Looking forward to seeing Hasbro's denial in how they didn't know their reps were putting these on products that have been on the shelves for a while, or that there was a communication error... either way, it will most likely be the same as usual - looking over their shoulders rather than in the mirror.

The odds of winning (1:28,000) implies that there are 280,000 of these stickers that were produced. If the contest were honest, that'd have meant that 280,000 pieces of newly shipped product would have to move to stores between now and 7/31.

We know that ain't happening. And of course, we already know that many stickers have been applied to old product already on shelves, with ZERO chance of containing a winning insert.

So, instead of just grousing here, how do we actually officially call shenanigans on this? Who contacts who?

And just to be courteous first, is there a Q & A coming up very soon in which this can be brought up for official comment by the 'sbro?
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