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By YAK_Chewie
Kalsh wrote:I have a really hard time getting excited about resculpts of background characters like Anthony Daniels and Ahmad Best's in-person cameos. For example, I've had an hard time finding a good place for the 2006 Hammerhead, since my cantina diorama already had the POTF2 version. I would have preferred Hasbro to make the Defel (Arleil Schouss?) or a different cantina patron.

Don't get me wrong; I can understand it from the customizer's perspective, but that's just not where I'm coming from. I was even a bit put out that Hasbro updated Vizam rather than making Vidain or Yotts Oren.

Ah, when the 2006 Hammerhead came out, I bought about 5 of them quickly. I remember when he was first hitting, I drove over an hour out of my way to go to a Walmart that had him. I still buy more from time to time for customs and whatnot.

I used one for my ANH cantina diorama, the rest thrown into my fodder bins, and my POTF2 Hammerheads all became custom fodder (about a dozen of those, I'd say).

I'd love to see them revisit Hammerhead again. A super articulated version would suit me just fine. I'm almost always in favor of good upgrades... I like to have the most detailed versions of character for my scenes, and then extras for customs.

Below is a comparison... the POTF2 one, which was a great figure for its time... so was the SAGA2 version... but I'd be highly in favor of them making a new version of this guy.


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By DarthEddie
I'd buy it! And probably at least two of those updates of him!

By my kind of scum
I posted this over on the Rebelscum forums, but figured I would copy/paste it here as well...

Cutting/pasting this here. Sorry to "spam" the forums:

I am going to Celebration and was playing around with the idea of delivering a stack of letters to the Hasbro SW team from concerned collectors. I know it's a tiny voice in a big wilderness, but they always say that companies listen to written communication more than online stuff.

If anyone is interested in typing up their thoughts in a well-written, professional manner (I think it would be good to include your name and contact information on your letter), PM me for my e-mail address and I will provide it. If you know of anyone else that would like to present their thoughts/concerns, let them know. If people seem interested, I'll spread the word to other forums as well.

It may accomplish nothing, but it just takes a little bit of your time and I promise to pass all of them (unless they contain personal attacks...) directly on to the Hasbro team.

(It may also be fun to mention a *few* figures that you're interested in seeing from them at the end of your letters.)
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By Jodo
You can direct then towards my blog posts, and perhaps mention they each got several thousand views...And I have a copy of a PR 101 book they can borrow if they'd like to consider having any type of good public relations.
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By DarthEddie
You really should deliver those messages to the corporate representatives and make them more aware of the dissatisfaction and sore feelings in the collecting community. It's not too late for them to save their company from a completely torpedoed reputation and with new movies on the horizon this is their chance to rectify some of the current Quality Control problems and distribution issues that have been around for most of this decade if not longer.

The more and the louder we speak up the greater the chance of making a difference!
By my kind of scum
I think my plan right now is to deliver them at Celebration and also send them to Hasbro corporate after Celebration. I need a lot of people to respond, though, so if you know anyone that wants to do it, please tell them. So far, I only have about five letters.
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By StooperZero
the $1.97 CORPS figures at walmart have more POA than any $10 figure offered right now....

we know it only costs PENNIES + cheap slave labor to make toys.....
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By Paulskywalker
Everyone knows Hasbro get Buddhist monks to hand carve the articulation on the toys thats why its so expensive....
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By DarthEddie
We get it: the Lucasfilm license is expensive and Hasbro has to recoup some of that expense by passing it on to customers. But come on, these price hikes and continued dumbing-down of product isn't all because of labor costs or because of the license fee. It's because the company and because big box retailers think they can get away with these prices and the reduction in quality to meet their own business models and maximize their profits.
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