Where does the hobby go from here?

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Re: Where does the hobby go from here?

Postby terman123 » Fri Jul 14, 2017 11:04 am

Simple solution fire the head of Hasbro Star Wars and bring someone in that cares. Go back to what made it the hottest brand. It's fine to do a line of 5 POA for the kids like the Saga Legends Line. But Taylor to the ones that support the brand. Ships with good features if it's made right I wouldn't mind paying a little more for scale. Give us more articulation and some background characters
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Re: Where does the hobby go from here?

Postby YAK_Chewie » Fri Jul 14, 2017 1:03 pm

darth_sidious wrote:Target loves to clearance everything, so I don't see it as a sign of impending doom. A purge is actually what the brand needs, so all the TFA and RO items can be cleared out before TLJ, and new SKUs can be used. Action figure and general toy sales aren't what they once were, and the demand for RO related items seems to be a bit lower than TFA, so its not surprising to see toys lingering. The only baffling one is the Death Trooper - though a single figure isn't indication of anything. Now if a Target had cases of RO wave 3 and 4 on clearance and they sat around - that would be a problem.

The bigger issue, for the hobby as a whole, is how the WM 3.75 SA line has been on clearance all year. New waves have shown up and gone straight to the clearance price, which should worry us, not only for upcoming waves - but for when this line ends and TVC 2 begins.

Those clearances on new figures are a result of the stuff that is overproduced (and not always good quality) clogging the pegs.

So yes this "purge" is good right now... or is it? Look a what's getting purged... stuff that never sold in the first place and prevented other items from getting sold. The Death Trooper that was there is just a sign of just how bad this is. Why weren't they hitting retail en mass months ago? Because the stuff before it wasn't moving. That figure just snuck in there because the store got in a case of that wave finally, and the whole DPCI is getting cleared out.

The Walmart clearance thing on their SA line was expected. Same Hasbro nonsense in over producing figures like Finn, throwing in repacks craziness to launch the line, and then why on EARTH were TFA Han and Leia made in such obscure outfits. It's no wonder that stuff hit clearance. So because of their bad moves, Walmart clearanced the entire SKU. A retailer shouldn't have to determine that "Hey, this Han Solo figure sucks, but those Rogue One Army Builders are gonna be hot!" That's Hasbro's job. They killed their own line. The only issue with Walmart is their distribution. Hasbro's the ones coming up with bad case ratios and horrifying paint apps.

Hasbro needs to rethink their approach big time and invest in the brand or it's going to continue to slip. Eventually retailers are going to be tired of bending over for Hasbro. 2005-2011~ish is when they were really doing things right. They knew that the movies were ending back then, so they invested in making better product and actually cared because they couldn't just take the brand for granted anymore. Then it started to collapse in 2012 based on a variety of bad decisions by Lucasfilm and Hasbro.

Now with Disney, they see the endless films as a gravy train. The victims are the retailers who get burned, and the consumers who WANT good product, but it's either not made or doesn't get distributed.

Hasbro's got it made, until the retailers finally say enough is enough.

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Re: Where does the hobby go from here?

Postby YAK_Chewie » Fri Jul 14, 2017 1:13 pm

Of note - notice that Target's finally dumping ALL of their Star Wars 5POA lines (except the $14.99 2-pks).

Could it be true that Hasbro's really going back to making better figures for the next film? Have they finally gotten the message?

Pretty sure we're still looking at "5 POA-esque" stuff en mass again, but maybe the situation will be a little better this time. If we're getting 3 waves at once on FF, then that's a good sign.

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Re: Where does the hobby go from here?

Postby StooperZero » Fri Jul 14, 2017 2:03 pm

Quality 5 POA 6" shampoo bottles for Episode 8
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Re: Where does the hobby go from here?

Postby GrandMoffHux14 » Sat Jul 15, 2017 1:18 am

You found a Death Trooper? Wow, I'm down to needing that figure, the Shoretrooper and Thrawn form that wave and I'll be caught up with the 5POA Rogue One figures...If anybody could help with that let me know. :D
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