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What do you think of the "Big One" items moving forward?

I'd rather see them focus on 3.75" big ones like a Sail Barge, good Death Star environment, etc.
I'd rather see them focus on 6" big ones like the TFA TIE Fighter
No votes
I'd rather see them focus on both scales for the big ones
None of the above
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By Trooper31
Paulskywalker wrote:Well i think they want a big surprise for a change which is good,

The idea of surprising us is fresh, I'll give you that and I wouldn't have anything against if not for the fact that there are a few non-Hasbro higher end items that have caught my fancy (Hot Toys Tat. Luke for example). I decided I would wait until after SDCC to make my decision whether I'd buy that or not because if Hasbro showed a bunch of stuff that I wanted, I'd have to make a choice. Unfortunately or fortuntely depending on how things turn out, Hasbro did not Show me really anything that gets me really excited. So, I went ahead and ordered the HT Luke. That means that there's a huge chunk of Change that won't be used to buy Hasbro's stuff this fall.
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By Paulskywalker
Without sounding Harsh Trooper31 at the end of the day if you decide to use a chunk of your money on something else rather than Hasbro as you don't know what is coming then that's your choice. Hasbro very likely don't think or care about how fans budget their money, in the scheme of things it won't affect them that much probably. Would you have bought HT Luke anyway?

I know the lack of knowledge on product is concerning people that budget for things, the only thing i can suggest is create an additional budget set aside for Force Friday which means being patient about purchasing other non Hasbro items and buy them over an extended period then you normally would. Me, i don't budget i just purchase things as and when it happens.

I know in a lot of my posts i'm coming off as the bad guy playing devils advocate, but i'm being positive and i don't believe it's as big an issue as people are concerned about.
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By Trooper31
Paulskywalker wrote:Without sounding Harsh Trooper31 Would you have bought HT Luke anyway? .

If Hasbro had wowed me at SDCC and there were a lot of things that I knew were coming this fall, then they answer would be, "No, I would skip the HT Luke."
As for budgeting, my only problem is that I just don't have a money tree in my backyard. :wink:
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By Paulskywalker
Well i meant budgeting in a sense of within your means. I'm not loaded, thats why i don't budget and just buy as i go along.
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By Trooper31
Paulskywalker wrote:Well i meant budgeting in a sense of within your means. I'm not loaded, thats why i don't budget and just buy as i go along.

Thanks for the clarification. I have to Budget mainly because almost everything that I buy id through a specialty dealer. The Problem is that I have to usually order a number of months in advance and I never know when stuff is going to Show up. I ordered the HT Stormtrooper set and was told it would Show up in September. Then it showed up at the end of June and a few days later my case of wave 8 showed as well. luckily I had been able to plan those two items because they were the last ones I had ordered and there wasn't anything new on the horizon yet. If retail was more reliable, I'd do it just like you do.
By UKHistory
The six inch figures are nice. I have bought three. I won't buy more. Had Firefly 6 inch figure not been made I would have not bought any.

But yeah to make this large vehicle when a death star (and thanks for rebels interiors of star destroyers look a lot like the death star) has been on a long wait list from fans is frustrating.

A bad decision. I look forward to seeing what is offered on September 4. But trying to move adult collectors to a different scale is not going to be overly successful. At least not for me.
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By StooperZero
it's not the scale.... it's the magic.

For some of us who can remember opening that early bird 4 pack christmas morning , we're looking for something to top that.
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By Paulskywalker
This is probably just for events but your gonna be annoyed with Hasbro's attitude when you find out what Hot Toys have made.

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