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By YAK_Chewie
Myself: Star Wars pajama pants, Funko Jabba set, and XONE... Gotta buy Battlefront now soon, obviously

My son: Several TFA figures... including Kylo Ren, Phasma, Hux, Armor Up Poe, five Stormtroopers, two Resistance troopers, Rey, and a Flametrooper.

My daughter: Stuffed electronic BB-8

They got lots of other goodies, but that was the Star Wars related stuff.

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By Jodo
Ahhh, stealin' my pictures are ya! :P :wink:

My Christmas haul:
From my girlfriend: a 6 ft by 4ft Stormtrooper Fathead, the BB-8 ornament, and 2 display cases for my astromech droids.
From my sister: 3 Star Wars Titaniums, and 2 Hot Wheels vehicles
From my family: 2 X-Wing Core Set (that I was reimbursed for :P)

Oh, and Chewie...I got Photo Impact 11, but apparently there's an error with some of the disks, and freaking creative lighting isn't on there. It's in the manual,etc. but it's simply not on the disk when you install it, I'm waiting on a response from the company to see if there is a patch. It won't let me update it online either. :cry:
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By darthapathy
For Christmas I got several of the Funko POP; Boba Fett, Chewbacca (OT version), Leia; Boushh , Sandtrooper/Dewback set, and the Jabba/Slave Leia/Salacious Crumb set. I also got a BB-8 refrigerator magnet from my son and a 2016 Collector's Edition wall calendar from my mother in law.

For my birthday from my wife (same day, lucky me :wink: ) I got a TBS 6" Slave Leia and a Star Wars adult coloring book. It is advertised as 100 images to inspire creativity and relaxation.
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By Jodo
Adult coloring book? I'm in! :mrgreen:

I forgot to comment on your new acquisition Chewie! Battlefront is definitely a fun Star Wars game. It's a bit repetitive at times, but still fun none-the-less! If you're into first person shooters, one of the best (that just came out) is Rainbow Six: Siege. My friend Matt purchased it recently, and it was a ton of fun to try out.

It makes me want to save up for a next-gen console really bad. I just hope my 360 holds up until then. :lol:
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By Jodo
Nice haul DarthMac!!! Especially the PS4!!! :mrgreen:

I somehow forgot all about it, but I also got the Kylo Ren FX Saber for Christmas. I purchased it through my membership at Books-A-Million, which gave me almost $60 off. My mom paid for part of it for my Christmas, and then my girlfriend paid the remaining balance of $50 for my birthday. I'm beyond stoked to have gotten this. I wanted to pick it up on Force Friday, but I am very glad I waited.

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By darthmac
Evidently Sony was hacked on Christmas and their account creation email system is down and therefore I can't login to download my copy of battlefront (no physical media - grrrrr). Still waiting.
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By darthapathy
Many of the pages inside are scenes like this. A picture of a character or characters with all the art nouveau flourishes around it.
002.JPG (65.78 KiB) Viewed 1194 times
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By darthapathy
Some of the other pictures are these funky geometric designs made up of Star Wars objects such as lightsabers and ships. Here is a TIE fighter design
003.JPG (48.82 KiB) Viewed 1194 times
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By darthapathy
Here is the really cool calendar I got from my mother in law. It came in this case
004.JPG (41.42 KiB) Viewed 1193 times
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By darthapathy
Here is the calendar itself. The entire calendar is OT and the interesting thing is the season/month determines the location of the picture. For example January, February, and December all depict pictures on Hoth. March starts pictures from Endor and the summer months are Tatooine.
005.JPG (40.46 KiB) Viewed 1193 times

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