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By Jodo
I have always had a pretty large Star Wars collection, even as a kid. It's just something that I have always enjoyed. For a long time I've loved going to stores to try and find stuff and then subsequently displaying it. My focus has changed over the years as well, as originally I was a MOMC collector (as a younger guy), but now I prefer to collect loose. That change in dynamic has allowed a lot more creativity in showcasing scenes/dioramas, and it has also opened me up to customizing and of course writing the photonovel.

What I'm getting at here, is the perception of people that either find out I collect, or see my stuff in person first hand. As a kid, with the sealed figures, there was the constant (and persistent) conversation with friends on how they wanted me to let them "just open one". With literally hundreds of opportunities for these kids to try and open something, many times we would just not go to my room, instead opting to do stuff outside or in my family's basement. At the same time, if any of my family's friends would be over they'd get the complementary tour of the house. Anytime they'd peek in my bedroom they'd let out audible noises of surprise, and instantly go into one of two narratives. Either A, do you plan to sell all this stuff for millions of dollars in a few years? Or B, how do you ever refrain from opening all this stuff?

With being a kid, the whole "toy" thing was overlooked. People either focused on the concept of there being a lot of it, or the fact it was all still in the package. It never mattered that the items would be considered toys. It was no big deal because I was a kid, and kids have toys, right?

Now, fast forward several years. I still have a big collection, but now it's almost all loose. Most of it is either in a utility closet back home, or in my apartment's office. My good friends (both of them), are totally 100% aware of my collection. It's not a big deal, and it doesn't matter in the slightest. Conversely, other people put a bit more thought into the 25 year old guy who still collects toys.

This has been on my mind recently (just because differing opinions interest me). A few months ago I wrote a blog post about playing Star Wars: Armada, one of FFG's tabletop games. I've never played a miniature game, but I found out I really like this one. I ended up posting the blog on Facebook, where one of my current professors saw it. The next week he stopped me on my way out of our classroom and asked me about it. "I saw that post you made. Were you playing" he said in a demeaning way. I then had to explain how a table top game works, and how it's pretty much a board game without the board. After comparing Armada to a naval battle he had a better understanding on how it all worked, but his initial reaction about the toys really stuck with me. I assume he likened the idea of me even having these "toys" as unprofessional, or childish.

Then, last week I had to host two different team mates for my senior project. We have been working together for about a year, but I've never mentioned my collection to them, or even how much I like Star Wars. When the first guy came over I gave him a quick tour of the apartment, and told him to brace himself. After checking out all my Stormtroopers and stuff he told me several times how awesome it was, and how it was just like a movie. That, coupled with the movie props I have on my media shelves and in the office, he had nothing but positive stuff to say. A few days later another team member came over, and he had the exact same reaction, even saying that he had a similar display at his house, but of NFL memorabilia. We agreed that it was awesome when people showcase what they enjoy, and we both talked about how it was crazy neither of us had mentioned either of our collections before now.

So what has your experiences been with showing (or telling) people about your collection? Admittedly, I haven't had a ton of opportunities to show people my collection, but I definitely don't go around telling people about it either...

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