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By tenike1
From Jedi Defender:

More upcoming product has made its way into the Target computer system with prices and DPCI numbers. This list confirms a number of items recently listed by Rebelscum's rumor lists, and sound pretty exciting for collectors and kids alike!

087-06-0036 Unleashed Dlx Lightsaber $24.99
087-06-0042 ARC-170 Fighter Vehicle $29.99
087-06-0043 R2-D2 Laptop $19.99
087-06-0064 ARC-170 Battke Fig Pack $19.99
087-06-0117 TIE Bomber $24.99
087-06-0342 Star Wars Cinema Scene $19.99
087-06-0343 AT-RT Assault Squad $29.99

Big thanks to our Target source for the numbers, and happy hunting to our readers!

It looks like Target is getting some more exclusives? It would be weird for them to give individual vehicles their own DPCIs, so maybe they are exclusives. The ARC-170 and TIE Bomber look to be specialized repaints in my opinion. The ARC-170 battle pack will probably be an exclusive tie-in to the vehicle and the AT-RT squad will probably be an oddly shaped battle pack like the bantha and Saleucami packs.
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By YAK_Chewie
True - I am guessing that some of these are exclusives...

Unleashed Dlx Lightsaber - hmmm... I will pass on this for sure, would be surprised if it's exclusive

ARC-170 Fighter Vehicle - cool to see it's gonna be back, but a pass... not sure if it's gonna be an exclusive or not, possibly though - didn't the Shuttle have it's own DPCI?

R2-D2 Laptop - sounds like an easy pass for me...

ARC-170 Battle Fig Pack - regardless of where this ends up at retail, I want at least one

TIE Bomber - I have the POTJ version, so not sure if I'll want another - but it's awesome to see this being put back out again

Cinema Scene - I can't wait to see pics of this!

AT-RT Assault Squad - I'm looking forward to this... I think it will be two AT-RT's w/ articulated riders... would love to see these get a new paint job, perhaps with a variation to it with some with all white riders

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By Darth Holmes
I went hunting at 3 Targets today looking for the new vinatge line with the DPCI number. None had them in stock, but one friendly emplyee who looked up the number for me at the last store told me these have a stock date of May 27th.

So if thats correct then these should start hitting pegs in just over a week or so. I imagine the Targets who have not yet received shipments should start getting them in a few days. Next week should be a good time to go hunting with the DPCI number again.
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By YAK_Jayson
Update: 9/22/07
087-06-0112 Battle of Hoth Ultimate Battle Pack
087-06-0669 New/Repack Evolutions Sets
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By YAK_Jayson
Update 10/6/07
087-06-1479 Rancor with Rider (Force Unleashed?)
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By YAK_Jayson
Update 10/17/07

087-06-2004 Unleashed Battle Pack $19.99
087-06-2005 Star Wars Starfighter Vehicle $19.99
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By Horse_Head
New #'s from JD...

# 087-06-2060 SW Clone Commander Fox - $12.99 (Target Exclusive)

# 087-06-2064 SW Clone Trooper Battlepack - $19.99

# 087-06-1873 SW Battle Pack

# 087-06-2065 SW Clone Wars Voice Change Helmet - $29.99
(Note the number change)

# 087-06-1871 Clone Wars Universe 2-Pack

# 087-06-1888 Galactic Hero Fig.

# 087-06-1906 SW Cinema Scene

# 087-06-2066 SW Rancor Monster - $39.99

# 087-06-2052 Star Wars Stock. Stuffer ... 1500,35505,
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By YAK_Jayson

087-06-1555 Clone Wars AT-TE $99.99
087-06-1873: BATTLE PACK
087-06-0342 Star Wars Cinema Scene $19.99
087-06-1480 Star Wars Cinema Scene Pack $19.99
087-06-1274 Star Wars Battle 4-Pack $9.99
087-06-1011 Star Wars Clone Wars Figures $7.99
087-06-1337 Star Wars Starfighter Vehicle $19.99
087-06-0877 Millenium Falcon $149.99
087-06-2070 Ultimate Battlepack $59.99
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By YAK_Jayson

from JediDefender:

087-06-0106 RC Droid $16.99
087-06-0165 SW Marbles $3.99
087-06-0303 SW Fig Vehicle $15.99
087-06-0324 SW Deluxe Vehicle $64.99
087-06-0327 SW RC R2D2 6in $24.99
087-06-0634 SW Fig Geonosis Arena Pk $12.99
087-06-0635 SW GH Playset Hero Set $39.99
087-06-0538 SW Turbo Tank $99.99
By Jedi_Fejj_Ograw
anybody know the new DCPI on the Rancor at Target...they told me today it is no longer in the system and as far as I know, it has never been in stores.
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By YAK_Jayson
By Jedi_Fejj_Ograw
Yeah...had that one. They tell me it is no longer in their system....
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By YAK_Jayson
New DCPI list courtesy of BanthaSkull

Take a gander of the new DPCI information we have received with a couple potential bombshells.

087-06-1335 Saga Legends Basic $7.99
087-06-1339 CW Basic $7.99
087-06-1343 SW Transformers $16.99
087-06-1345 3.75 Battle Pack $24.99
087-06-1347 CW Starfighter $24.99
087-06-1351 3.75 VINTAGE $7.99
087-06-1401 Galactic Heroes $6.99
087-06-1402 DLX Fig and vehicle $16.99
087-06-1478 Elec Lightsaber $19.99
087-06-1491 Basic Lightsaber $9.99
087-06-1497 HAILFIRE RC vehicle $59.99
087-06-1503 SUPER DLX VEHICLE $99.99

087-06-1527 MEGABATTLER 10in FIG $19.99
087-06-1605 MANDALORIAN HELMET $34.99
087-06-1622 GREIVOUS LIGHTSABER $34.99
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By The Professor
Interesting. I guess Vintage is the new Legacy? I'm really curious about the super deluxe vehicle. The strange wand-shaped piece coming with the new Snowspeeder makes me wonder if it is an AT-AT even at that price.

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