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By DarthEddie
They had better be nothing short of MIND-BLOWING for $24.99 a pop. I was feeling kinda dirty paying $19.79, and those had a few pretty blah repacks in them. I hope Hasbro picks some better and more exciting characters for future 3-packs or else I'm throwing up my hands and not getting any more of them. :?
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By YAK_Chewie
I think if they keep this going, the following sets would rock (and I think it's fine to create some of their own sets rather than just what the old Kenner ones were):

Android Set:
- C-3PO (B.A.D. mold)
- R1-G4 (SAGA repack)
- Gonk Droid (vintage paint scheme)

Villain Set:
- Darth Vader (upcoming TVC version)
- Emperor Palpatine (TLC repack, reworked hood)
- Grand Moff Tarkin (upcoming TVC, reworked plastic tunic)

Cantina Set:
- Hammerhead (SAGA2 repack)
- Walrus Man (TVC repack)
- Gotal (POTC repack)

Imperial Forces:
- Stormtrooper (repack from the earlier wave)
- Biker Scout (VTSC repack)
- Royal Guard (TVC repack)

Rebel Forces:
- Rebel Fleet Trooper (TVC repack)
- Endor Rebel Commando (TVC repack - new head?)
- Hoth Rebel Soldier (TVC repack)

Jabba's Goons:
- Giran (TLC repack)
- Nikto Gunner (TLC repack)
- Gamorrean Guard (TVC repack)

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By DarthEddie
I'd buy those. I just hope Hasbro would be half as creative as you are. :wink:
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By DarthEddie
Well, I already got both of the new Vintage 3-packs by using the DCPI and asking an employee at just the right moment, so for me the reset doesn't mean as much as it would have a few weeks ago. Unless they put out a slew of new Vintage and/or Clone Wars figures that I either don't have (Scuba Ahsoka, Wolffe) or wouldn't mind extras of I can just be patient.

Besides, my Target has basically looked the same for six months now . There's been very little change except for moving the boys' action figures from their old aisle to another one. I've waited this long. I can wait a little longer.

Wow! Great job with that Rose!

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