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By The Professor
YAK_Chewie wrote:
The Professor wrote:I agree that some of The Black Series 3.75" figures have too much articulation. Why do these little figures need ball-joint hips? It never looks right to me.

I think the solution to your problem about posing with weapons would simply to add at least a swivel joint at the elbows. I remember being blown away in 1999 with the first wave of Episode I figures because Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, and Darth Maul could all hold their lightsabers with two hands. That was a dramatic change from anything I had seen before in the Star Wars line. We are more or less at the same place in terms of articulation, so I don't think something that small is too much to ask.

I don't see adding swivel joints to these figures at the elbows too much to ask either - or the waist.

What's even more frustrating is some of the figures do have separate joints molded for the wrists, but rather than allowing them to swivel, Hasbro glues them in place!


I seem to recall that Unkar Platt had that problem one one of the wrists as does Chirrut Imwe. However, the Jyn Erso Eadu has rotating wrists. Weird.
By frosty
I would love to see extra arms, or something movie based rather than the crap they are putting in now, but as long as we keep buying they will keep it as is
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By Evilivo
Here is what it looks like - much better, IMO. A lot of people in customizing forums have already done this. I articulated the wrists, too, so I have some freedom when posing the blaster. I think it dramatically increases the realism of the figure, the comparison clearly shows the superiority of this sculpt. And to think I was impressed with the Movie Heroes sculpt :) I still think the new helmet and the older SA body, molded in this new shiny white plastic will make for a great figure.


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If they insist on doing the 5 POA then that idea sounds fantastic. I just throw away the other crap that comes with the figure anyways.
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By Niktom
From a collector perspective, I'd say the swappable arms and such would be a great idea. From a kid/parent point of view... NO! More parts to lose and nothing sucks more than being able to find only one of the "special" arms but not the other. I've had that happen several times with that Dagobah Luke. Between my kid trying to find the arms for play time and me trying to find them for a Yak's Pub strip... UGGGGHHHH!

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